"It's Your Turn To Discover How To Easily Tap Into The Multi-BILLION Dollar Internet Advertising Boom With Insider Site Building, Traffic Building, and Content Site Profit Strategies...

The Three Proven Keys To Building A Content Publishing Empire!"

"Son of a gun, we're gonna have big fun, on the bayou..."

Dear Friend,

Could there BE a better time to be a web publisher than RIGHT NOW?  Millions of dollars are now being made WEEKLY from content publishing networks built by savvy publishers all over the world.  And believe me, we are singing a very happy tune!

Google alone did $1.3 Billion in profits 1st quarter 2005!  Most of that was from their Adwords program.  And what is the main reason they are able to do such booming business?  CONTENT SITES!

Yahoo is getting into the pay-per-click game soon.  Can't you just smell the profit potential here?  With Google and Yahoo bending over backwards for publishers to put THEIR PPC ads on their sites, there is nothing but wild profit potential in the future for internet niche publishers.

We are sitting on a profit booster rocket that is about to launch.  If you want to climb on board, read on!

Here is how internet publishers make hundreds of millions of dollars every year without customers or products of their own...

We set up content sites in popular and finely-tuned niche markets.  Advertisers spend billions on Adwords, and we bring home a major piece of the multi-BILLION-dollar pie by setting up sites for them to advertise on.

Many of us also collect leads for high-paying banks, creditors, lawyers, doctors, and many other industries and sell them for as high as $25 PER LEAD!  Do the math:  60-100 leads per day per SITE really adds up, even if you only sell them for $5 a piece!

You probably hear about this kind of thing everyday on the web, but do you still feel like you are "missing something?"  You know people like us are doing this kind of business, but are you wondering what it will take for your sites to pull in traffic and profits like you hear the experts raving about on teleseminars and in their newsletters? 

Or are you simply tired of working day in and day out to sell an ebook or service, dealing with cranky customers, possibly inventory, but continually having to advertise and optimize just to make a modest living?

Well, you are SO in luck, because we created this seminar for YOU!

Ever heard of the "FedEx" club?  It's an insider's way of telling you they are in a league of their own.  All of our presenters are in it.  (Clue:  You have to be making at LEAST $10k per month to have your Adsense check delivered by the FedEx man.) 

When the mailman comes, it's always fun.  But when the FedEx man pulls up outside your door, you KNOW what he has in his hand!  I get plain old giddy when my FedEx guy pulls up in that big, wonderful truck!!

Everyone who attends the 1st Annual Internet Publishers Mardi Gras:  Krewe of Profiteers will be on the fast track to the FedEx club (and beyond)!  Period.

Why?  Because this seminar is about action, action, ACTION!  It's being put on by ContentDesk.com's "Power Trio:" Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi, three renowned visionaries who are smack dab in the middle of the emerging, fledgling web publishing industry.

You are going to get every single insight, a rundown on every tool we use, a complete Publisher's Battle Plan, and most importantly, a crystal clear understanding of this industry that other people running around on the web simply buying software and services are missing out on!

This seminar is simply the insider's golden key to niche publishing profits. 

And Our presenters?  They are all making a killing from content publishing networks of their own.  And you are guaranteed to learn EVERYTHING they know about building a network of sites, getting traffic to those sites, and converting that traffic into ad revenue and product sales.  Our rallying cry is "All Winners, No Losers!

You will learn, during this fantastic weekend of networking, learning, and fun, all about the best web publishing tools that are helping publishers make more money faster than all the others combined.

You will be able to come away knowing EXACTLY what tools work and which ones don't and how to set up your publishing EMPIRE for profits.  With tips and tricks only the insiders know about, you will find out what the pros are using to research niches, build sites, maintain and grow their network of sites, and pump dollar after dollar out of their networks in ways that you have probably never even imagined before!

And There's More To Niche Publishing Than Adsense Revenue...MUCH More!

Nothing will be left out on this fun, exciting, life-changing weekend!  There are no theories at this "Profit Mardi Gras" - just the real, tested, proven, cash-producing methods for publishing we use ourselves, methods that you can now use to make a large, passive income by providing great content in online, niche markets of all shapes and sizes.

In short, missing this once-in-a-lifetime event means missing out on the dream we are now living.  We want to share, with a dedicated group of publishers, ALL of our successful tactics so that YOU can see how easy it really is to pull down profits like you've been hearing about on the web and at other seminars.

Except at THIS seminar, you learn the precise "nuts and bolts" of publishing directories and content sites for maximum profit in minimum time.  You will learn EXACTLY what to do to get into the FedEx club (and far beyond) with absolutely NOTHING left out!

Would you like to start 2006 off with a $$$ BIG BANG $$$? Sure you would, especially if it meant more income by becoming a savvy, professional web publisher!

Content Creation, Acquisition, and Development

We will be covering tactics for finding content for your sites, developing original content that search engines eat up, and how to syndicate content from your network for backlinks and massive traffic from all over the web.

We aren't just talking about the written word here.  Learn about the upcoming buzz over audio/video content, multimedia streaming, podcasting, and how audio/video content is going to change the face of your site network in the future for more response and better retention.

Are you a writer?  Find out how you can take your writing to a whole new level by learning how to write for our publisher's network.  Knowing what publishers are looking for in web content gives you the upper hand over competition and gets your work on more sites, faster.  Learn why being a good writer for the web is one of the most lucrative and wide-open markets out there!


Work, grow, play, party and create lasting bonds - Create partnerships and fond memories to last a lifetime!



You can make a very good living in this business and you don't even need to be able to write great sales copy or have a single product of your own. You just have to know how to build networks of niche sites just like we are doing right now to pull down massive traffic, massive click revenue, and incredible monthly checks!

A Mardi Gras Mambo:  This Is A Whole Different Approach to Internet Business Seminars!

Added FUN At No Extra Charge!

Built in to this fantabulous weekend of learning is a networking and party atmosphere that will have you trumpeting the details to friends and associates back home!  (Maybe for the first time ever after returning from an internet conference!)

The place:  Birthplace of Jazz, the Party capital of North America... Beautiful, historic downtown New Orleans at the Hyatt Regency!

The Sights...

Winston Circle

Harrah's™ Casino, Riverwalk, the French Quarter and Bourbon Street are located very close to the hotel.

One of the things we have noticed at most of the conferences and seminars we've been to (and we have been to A LOT of them over the years) is a lack of time for networking and fun!  We work hard in this business.  We like to play hard too!  And some of the best, most profitable relationships come from our unrivalled "after hours" networking jam-sessions and the unforgettable "morning-after" buzzfests.

The Riverfront Line

"Two Tickets to Paradise" - Ride down to the French Quarter!

Since this seminar is so carefully managed for intense, fact-packed sessions, we were able to build in the networking and fun time that other conferences lack. 

Plus there is no conference on the docket this year that will even touch upon the information we are sharing.  Straight forward, simple instruction on niche site web publishing and profit generation is all you should expect!

What's a "Krewe"?   In order to organize and stage the enormous Mardi Gras carnival every year, many New Orleans families have belonged for generations to krewes, groups that create elaborate costumes and floats for the many Mardi Gras parades in the two weeks leading up to “Fat Tuesday.” Not only do the krewes participate in the parades, but, as leaders of New Orleans society, they also hold balls and other elaborate events during the carnival season, which lasts from Christmas up to Mardi Gras itself. The krewes are responsible for electing Rex, the annual king of the carnival, whose parade is the climax of Mardi Gras. While masked paraders had long been a part of Mardi Gras, the first carnival group organized as such was the Mystick Krewe of Comus in 1857. Krewe is only an imitation of an old-fashioned spelling of crew in its standard meaning, but the word, thanks to its association with Mardi Gras and New Orleans high society, has taken on some of the mystique of the carnival.

As part of the elite Krewe of Profiteers,
you will be regaled with after-hours fun and excitement!

Friday night:

A special invitation to our VIP "Bourbon Street Mixer" followed by networking with plenty of time to meet with and talk to the real, top players in this industry.  Nothing brings the reality of the potential in this business home better than networking with the guys and gals who are living the dream and banking the checks!

Saturday night:

Throw your hands in the air and waive them like you just don't....well, you know the rest ;-) A Mardi Gras Party like you've NEVER experienced before.  We are primed to throw a big celebration New Orleans style.  Live local music with the flavor of Cajun country (Zydeco baby!), drinks, dancing, and some big surprises!  Who ever thought you could have THIS much fun at an internet business seminar??

Sunday evening: 

More chances to nab some face time with presenters and fellow publishers in the crowd.  If you don't make connections at this event, it won't be because we didn't allow plenty of time for it! And if you're a wallflower, we'll fix that big time...

The schedule overall is respectful of both day and night people.  No early mornings or late afternoons!

And still, you will come away from this seminar chock full of the real insider information you need to take your publishing business into a new stratosphere of success - that's guaranteed!

The Seminar

The other, main difference you will notice right away at this event is that you may have never heard of some of the people on the docket.  Don't take that as a sign of our inability to pull in the most famous internet marketers. 

On our bill you find a group of in-the-trenches, yet some lesser-known, extremely successful individuals who live and breathe what they will be showing you this weekend!  These guys have no time for self promotion, because THEY market their publishing networks instead!

(If it's big-name, charismatic "mega personas" you want, look to your right and left in the seminar.  They will be in the crowd learning with you!)

The difference?  Hard cold facts, up-to-the-minute test results and clear action steps for the best site building, traffic generation, and conversion tactics now known on the web.  Everyone will be presenting live results and sample sites at this event and EVERYONE presenting is the very soul of success in their industries.

THAT'S what you REALLY WANT when you come to a seminar.  And THAT'S what you will finally experience at this one!

Our Goal for YOU is Dead Serious...

ALL WINNERS, NO LOSERS:  Every Single Attendee and Future Elite Member of the Internet Publishing Krewe of Profiteers will be in the FedEx Club Within AT LEAST 9 Months of This Seminar!

Many attendees will already be in the Club, and they'll be looking to set new records with this red hot information.  If you are striving to be a member, there will be no better place on earth to be than in New Orleans in September 2005!

Simply put, this is your ticket to pure, total success with an internet niche publishing business.

WARNING:  If you think the above goal is one where we hold your hand and do a lot of the work for you, this event is not for you.  The people we are inviting to this event are not pedestrians or dilatants - We are proactively driven by our own personal obsession with success.  We pass you the tools, the training, and even the coaching to keep you on track, but you must work like we all have in order to accomplish the goals that you yourself set.

The Insiders Who Will Be Your Guides...

(We are updating this section daily)

Michael Fortin  - Conversion Tactics

A direct response copywriter for almost 15 years, Michel Fortin has an uncanny knack for writing clearly, persuasively and vibrantly. In fact, his track record speaks for itself.  He has written many of the sales letters you have purchased services and courses from in the past from the biggest, and I mean THE biggest, internet marketers on the net.

Michael is also conversion and testing master, and he will show you real case studies and test results that will guide your placement of adsense, signup forms, and copy.  Michel has done hundreds and hundreds of tests with copy for his members at TheCopyDoctor.com, but we have found most of his test results extremely profitable in niche site publishing! 

Fortin will go step by step through test results he has gotten on copy, design, and positioning of page attributes.  You'll get a notebook FULL of ideas for designing your sites for 100%-1000%+ increases in your visitor actions, no matter what you want your visitors to do on any given page of your sites!  This is extremely valuable stuff you can take home and use RIGHT AWAY to increase your conversions!

Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins - Search Engine Masters

Search engine experts and co-creators of Stomping the Search Engines, Brad and Andy will show you some amazingly easy insider tactics to leap ahead of the sites that are in your way on the search engine results ladder.

Brad's WeddingFavors.com site and many many other sites dominate Google and other engines for their keywords.  He is on a whole different plane when it comes to profiting from real search engine positions on very competitive keywords.

Andy wrote THE book on Yahoo ecommerce stores - literally.  These guys together represent what I consider the whole package when it comes to search engine marketing.  While others are happy with anything in the top 10, these guys own the top results for anything they want to rank highly for.

This is one session you will not want to miss for ANY amount of money!

Ryan Deiss - Niche Master

Deiss will expose you to the tactics he uses to find and exploit niches no one else has even thought of yet.  Not only that, but he will help take you beyond Adsense to find the REAL gold in your niche sites that can make your Adsense revenue look like chicken feed!

Ryan is a mogul on the internet, best known for his work with Jimmy D. Brown and Nicheology.  What most people don't know is he is a FedEx club member extraordinaire!  His publishing network pulls down profits most people only dream about and he will be sharing with you the exact methods he uses to find and exploit niches to their maximum potential.


Dr. Mike Woo Ming - Building, Tools and Content Tactics Master

Dr. Mike will show you what HE does to make a killing in the niche publishing business.  He has his own twist to this business and has promised to share all with the Krewe as he dissects his proven formula for success in the niche publishing business!

Keith Baxter - Traffic, Network Building Master

Keith is one of "those guys" you hear about who is quietly making a killing with content site publishing and all kinds of cutting-edge publishing and traffic generation secrets. 

Since 1998, Keith Baxter has been in the “traffic business”. He’s been responsible for driving over 3 million visitors through his network each and every month. Keith is a bit of a dark angel as he brings to mainstream marketing what others are too scared to address. He’s on the forefront of several technologies that when made available to the public (in 1-2 day spurts, every 6 months), he has people banging down his door to pay him upwards of $3000 each just to use his stuff!

Keith is a no BS guy and that’s why people love to hear what he has to say. We’ve managed to pull him from the underground and get him to speak for the FIRST TIME in a mass audience on what he loves most… unusual, yet effective, ways to drive targeted traffic to your website.  Learn how to go "Beyond Adsense" and rake in hidden profits everyone is overlooking in the niche publishing business!

Carl Galletti - Copy and Content Master

Learn from Carl as he takes you through the exact steps for creating quality content for your network.  Content that gets picked up by other publishers for increased backlinks and traffic, and content that brings the search engines to your sites, rewarding you with higher rankings.

Carl is known for his copy writing talent and has written for the biggest players on the web.  He is retired from writing copy for others and is now into site publishing in a BIG way.  His copy skills have translated into web content publishing in a unique and exciting way.

Find out how to write (or have written) website content for any niche that gets noticed and rewards all your sites with traffic and links!

Mike Stewart - Audio/Video Content Master

Mike is THE audio/video guy on the web!  If you want to see, hear, and experience where the web is going with audio video content and how your sites are going to change in the future to incorporate high-powered media, you must be at Mike's talk.

We might even be able to get him to pick up his guitar and sing a tune for us!  Either way, you won't want to miss what Mike is going to share about audio/video content.  Peer into the future of what our sites are going to be able to do before anyone else even knows the technology exists!

Paul Smithson - Site Building Master, Xsitepro Creator

Creator of Xsite Pro, the uber site generating tool that has swept the net in the last few months, will show you exactly how his software builds sites that are footprint-less traffic magnets and exactly how those sites make publishers money.

XsitePro is the talk of the net.  See why as Paul takes you through this amazing, easy software and the sites it creates.  See profitable sites in action and get Paul's site building philosophy and tactics - straight from the man himself!  You do NOT want to miss this one!

Nathan Anderson, with Kevin Harris  - Directory Building Masters

Metawebs creators take you through the Metawebs system and demonstrate exactly WHY Metawebs is one of the most respected and dominant site builder on the net today. 

These guys are charging high fees for their software, yet their member retention is equally HIGH!  Find out what the "big deal" is and why their members buy them dinner and drinks whenever they get to see them on the road!  Meet Metawebs members in person and find out what it is like to rake in $20,000+ per month just in adsense revenue alone!  You'll find out exactly why and how Metawebs is able to produce profits with a live demonstration of the techniques AND real sites.

Mark Hendricks
- Conversion, List Building and Retention Master

Mark will show you what he calls "Actionable Content"  along with his tactics for making people say "yes."  6 Psychological Triggers: An Analysis of Content Sites That Get More Ad Revenue from Repeat Visits! 

Mark will take you beyond adsense to further profit from a mix of old-meets-new to create a publishing profit machine that is finally complete, with no "profit holes" or wasteful visitor non-retention.

Sylvie Charrier - Workaholics Master

Sylvie is the secret weapon for many of the web’s top Internet marketers. Since 1999, her company, Workaholics4Hire.com, has been the “behind-the-scenes” backbone of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry, providing reliable outsourced project management solutions.

She has worked with the likes of Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, Shawn Casey, Jason Potash, Michel Fortin and many others.

Entrepreneurs who share Sylvie’s passion for niche marketing rely heavily on her project management expertise to fatten their bottom-line, from developing solid, in-demand products, handling mind-numbing customer support, to boosting sales to record levels.

Listen to Sylvie as she shares with you her outsourcing breakthroughs and project management secrets, such as how to get 10 times more work done faster than ever before – but without the costly headaches and time-consuming, labor-intensive workload -- you’d normally get if you had to do it all on your own.

Mark Braunstein - Member Site, Marketing Master

Spend a few minutes with Mark Braunstein and he'll... "change the way you think about making recurring income online" and boy does he deliver. With a step-by-step process for creating a steady income from subscription-based services and products, you'll soon realize that he is revealing a duplicable blueprint that has been called "...the holy grail of online business models"

His strategies and tools are now being used by the top online publishers and marketers and is generating literally millions in revenue for all types of industries from major financial institutions (NY Mercantile Exchange) to small work-at-home entrepreneurs.

Mark's popular web publishing applications have been highlighted in many publications and seminars and was a recent focus on "making money with your website" in PC World Magazine in 2005!

As a partner of ContentDesk.com, Mark has been able to combine his knowledge of online niche publishing, his experience in product development (from publishing tools like VisionGate Portal) and 10 years of web development to enable easier content development and distribution for profits.

Peter Lenkefi - The Delegating Master

Peter Lenkefi is the Online Marketing Cave Man from Sydney, Australia.

He is also known as the online business partnership and outsourcing expert helping online entrepreneurs to learn how to get rid of the daily tedious data entry tasks by outsourcing everything from web design to link building strategies and search engine optimization.

His invaluable insights, strategies and years of experience in the outsourcing underworld can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time on "bad help decisions."

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to listen to Peter and learn how to delegate your manual business building tasks and focus on marketing and business management.

Clay Cotton - Inspiration, Blues Piano, Internet Marketing Historian... Master

The Random Factor, aka Bigchief Wang Dang, aka Professor Honk E. Tonk, aka The WoogieMan, aka The Pianoman that Would Not Sleep with Janis Joplin.  aka Jack Humphrey's intellectual personal trainer, and most colorful member of Content Desk's Charter Membership.  Clay worked online back in the early Dan Kennedy days and has seen the internet grow and change from the start.  His insights are impeccably clear and he sees the future of internet publishing coming to light in ways most have yet to imagine!

Jimmy D. Brown (Invited) - Niche Master

Jimmy D. Brown doesn't show up to many conferences.  But he is considering ours because this topic is near and dear to his heart and his business.  This would be a rare opportunity to see a long-time internet marketing success story and find out what he is up to and how he is profiting from niche marketing in 2005!

William Frazier - RSS Blog Building Master

Creator of PUSHLogs, a revolutionary new way to blog, feed, and organize your content site.  William is doing cutting-edge study and programming in RSS technology.  Find out what he has come up with for content site publishers to effortlessly run a blog site with more moving parts than most sites, yet is almost fully automatic after you set it up.

The search engine stats are showing serious promise with this new technology.  They are loving William's active, living websites.  He will show you how he used his system to effortlessly get a PAGERANK 7 without a traditional linking campaign!  Just from the RSS strategies he uses that no one else even knows about!

Find out what is on the horizon for publishers who put blogs to work for their network and why you should too!

Diana Barnum - Web Content Master

Join Diana as she takes you through the content development and article writing process.  Even if you don't writer your own stuff, you need to be able to tell your writers HOW to write for your sites in order for your content to pull in search engines and visitors from your market.

Diana is a professional award-winning writer, co-moderator of The Internet Marketing Warriors forum, and a writing consultant.  In short, there is nothing she doesn't know about writing for the web and getting published for maximum exposure, online AND offline!

Jack Humphrey - Traffic, Content, Site Building Master

The creator of the best-selling internet marketing course, Power Linking, Humphrey will be your master of ceremonies.  As managing partner in the exclusive Content Desk Charter Members publishing group, Jack blends his traffic generation background with his love of publishing profitable content sites on all kinds of topics. 

And he does it with software and tools he envisioned and helped to design and perfect in order to dominate in any niche possible and make a fortune in online publishing.  You are going to learn everything he knows about getting targeted traffic, researching site topics, and dominating your niches!

Live site building workshops!

Since the whole event is being recorded, so you won't miss a thing if you want to attend one of our live site-building workshops where the focus is on the software we use to create these profitable networks.  You get first-hand guidance from the developers of technology far ahead of its time as they take you through site-building exercises from beginning to end!

These insider workshops will be held daily, so there is sure to be one you can fit into during the seminar.  See the inner workings of these amazing sites in action, and come out knowing EXACTLY how we build the sites that rake in the highest traffic and revenue.  (People have gladly paid $10,000+ for this kind of information at similar, top-secret workshops!)

Extremely Valuable Prizes!

(You can't win if you don't show up!)

(1) standard Meta Webs membership for 60 days

(1) ticket to the Art of the Content Site Seminar ...comes with 6 months Meta Webs access, a hyper-cool seminar in Manhattan, an 8 DVD - 5 CD package, and two unique softwares that will never be released to anyone but Meta Webs members!

(2) 1 Full Year of Content Desk Charter Memberships

A $1493 Value!

A $14,997 Value!



$1596.00 Value Each!

(2) 1 Full Year of Visiongate Portal Membership Site Software and Support

$1,524.00 Value Each!

(5) Stealth Traffic Secrets Lifetime Memberships

(1) Membership to Internet Success System Premium Program
(1) Membership to Internet Success System Home Study Course program

Clay Cotton CDs - Rompin' Stompin', Happy Blues Piano Music to keep you grinning and dancing as the checks pour in...

Many more prizes are being added to the list!

$497 Value Each!


$1000 Value!

$497 Value!


Total value of prizes: 







You are invited into the fold.  You will learn what "the underground" web publishing industry is all about.  We are not "underground" because we do anything illegal.  We are underground because we are quietly raking in a fortune in advertising revenue with networks of information sites on all kinds of topics, products and services that people are searching for.  You can break into this business by becoming a part of our elite group of publishers and by learning what we know about how to find topics, do keyword research, and use the tools we use to build networks of sites that pull down at least $10,000.00 per month in advertising/click revenue!

Add to what you already know and take your publishing business to the next level! Now, be invited into new realms of cash flow expertise. Receive the encouragement you need to take your business to new heights from our experts in Online Marketing, Self-Publishing, Membership-Income Web Sites, Search Engine Marketing, Linking, Syndication, Passive Ad Cash flow and Niche Site Publishing.

Currently there is no limit to the amount of money to be made in niche publishing.  People in our network continue to reach new heights in monthly revenue as they grow their publishing portfolio.  We also learn more and more about our industry from each others' testing and tracking.  From finding the hottest niches to build sites for, to converting traffic at a higher click-per-visitor ratio, you can never be "too keyed-in" on what's happening in the content site publishing industry.

Want to break into publishing your articles on a GRAND SCALE?  Come and find out what makes today's web publishers tick and find out exactly what they are looking for in content.  Once you know HOW to write for this very large group, all owning 20-5000 sites each, you will be on a golden path to traffic and tens of thousands of links pointing to your site(s) from your article signatures!  There will be information on article syndication tools we have developed as well!



Could you use the latest information on how to get a higher Click Through Ratio (CTR)? What kind of profit increases would you be pulling down with a 5-15% increase or more in CTR across your network?  What about implementing a new site-building system to add to the content density of your sites that gets you more pages in the engines and more visitors clicking and buying?

MORE SPECIFICALLY ... This Seminar is ideal for anyone wanting to learn EVERYTHING about the content site publishing industry and how you can be a part of a BILLION DOLLAR BONANZA that is pay per click advertising revenue streaming. 

Google's 1st quarter reported earnings for 2005 were $1.3 BILLION dollars.  The vast majority of those profits came from Adwords advertisers.  And those ads were run on the kinds of sites we build on every imaginable topic.  Since we as publishers get a significant portion of each click on Adsense ads on our sites, just imagine what people in our industry are making if Google made $1.3 BILLION in the first quarter alone!

We are talking about a good deal of very serious income here that is simply not achievable by selling ebooks or trinkets on Ebay.

And with Yahoo getting into the game, this industry is JUST STARTING to show its true profit potential for the average publisher.   (Along with more stability and welcome confidence in the longevity of the industry with competition being introduced for the first time into the monopoly Google currently holds on PPC advertising.)

What you may be accomplishing by yourself can be DRAMATICALLY increased by working with a tight-knit group of like-minded, success oriented professionals.  We've seen this happen time and again and we have experienced it with our own publishing businesses 1st hand. 

Getting into the right group of professionals in any industry, especially the niche publishing industry, is key to getting past the barriers in front of you now.

Make Absolutely Sure You Are Truly Ready For Success...

You are being invited into a select, elite group.  And we fully expect this letter to eliminate most people who read it from this group!  You can tell if you picture yourself being a part of our "Krewe" or not, from the language we use to describe who we are and what we do. 

We have talked to enough people on the seminar circuit (who work hard and play hard) to know that we will sell a lot of spots to this one-of-a-kind event simply by announcing that signup has begun!  In fact, most of them told us they'd sign up on the spot, no questions asked, if we held this seminar.  So we are eager to make sure that only like-minded, success-driven, hard-working, fun-loving people attend!

If I just described you, then please read on!

When So Many Seminars Fell Short, The Krewe Idea Was Born...

We, the creators of this event, have been around the block a few times.  Seminar after seminar, we noticed something unexpectedly common among all but the best of them:  Lack of Direction and Follow Up.

We believe if we are going to drag everyone to New Orleans, sit them down inside on a nice weekend, and run them through an active set of sessions filling their heads and notebooks with information, that the information gained should be put to use immediately after the seminar when you get back home.

And the learning and progress should continue without a hiccup until the goals you set for yourself AT the seminar become a reality for you by a self-imposed, reasonable deadline.

Problems arise when you get home, though, don't they?  The excitement of the event starts to wane as you get embroiled in minutia - back to your email and phone messages and all the obligations you have with your current business and/or job.  -And with no one and nothing to support them, most people quickly fall back into the position they were in before the seminar.

This is called "post-conference remorse" where your life inevitably struggles to regain the humdrum regularity it had before you were delightfully exposed to new and profound opportunities over the weekend.

We invented the "Krewe System" to combat this very loss of momentum. 

Not This Time!


With regular follow-up conference calls and a Krewe Forum exclusively reserved for all participants in this unusually enlightening weekend, you can stay pumped, focused, and on track for the changes to come in your life and your business.

We are our own support group.  We keep each other laser focused and immune to distractions and tangents.  And this, dear reader, is one of the biggest secrets to success in online publishing of all.

Read down any long list of successful business owners online and we can tell you without hesitation that each and every person on that list has this one thing in common:  extreme, unshakable focus on the goals for their businesses.

Not everyone has the ability to stay as honed-in on their target as those who seem to be able to keep their focus no matter what distractions vie for their attention.  Others seem to have the time management skills of a multi-tasking god.  These are unusual people.  They are not the "norm."  For the rest of us, there is strength in membership and in numbers.


Joining us on this special weekend is not just about providing yourself with 3 days of crucial insider information and getting just a pat on the back when you leave.  This weekend is just the beginning of something you probably never expected to experience as an online business professional.

When you get home you will have a forum of friends and associates.  Your personal Krewe of elite, in the know publishers, online business masters and peers who will be there for you, no matter what questions you have or problems you come across! It's a peer-coaching bonanza!

If you so choose, you can even select a senior Krewe member as a personal mentor to keep you focused and make sure you have someone else to be accountable to instead of just yourself.

This weekend is about belonging to something that will benefit your business and ultimately turn it into what you have been dreaming about for a long time: 

An Enduring Business That Gives You Total Independence and Freedom.

With your new Krewe to support you, you can finally hold the focus needed to succeed with the tools and information you begin to get in New Orleans.  Things had to change sooner or later, didn't they? So why not RIGHT NOW?

Besides, there is nothing we can teach you in three days that will cover the minutia of tasks you must learn and complete as you build your network.  Only by "doing" can you learn completely what we are talking about. 

And the doing comes after you get home.  You MUST have a dependable group of peers to rely upon when you get stuck on something. If not, the whole thing we are doing here is a bust.  You would be right back to what you are doing now in no time!


Rest assured, we have covered all the bases - and we are a group of people who deeply desire success for each and every member of this seminar, or we wouldn't put it on at all!

Think about this - have you ever read a letter about an online business conference like this one before?  I haven't.  And I have read them all!  This one comes from the heart.  Pure and simple. Caring has always been our unique selling position!  Putting clients and customers first has been our fast-track to success, as any past client or customer of ours will tell you without hesitation.

But... On to the details of the seminar already!

Just look at what you're going to learn! Believe it when we say, "You Will Make The FedEx Club If You Apply What You Learn This Weekend!  Period."

The weekend is specifically laid out so that you learn:

On Friday

All the site publishing tools we use to build profitable content sites and networks of niche sites.

You will be taken through the use of Content Site Builder and supporting software along with examples of successful sites making great monthly revenue live on the web.

Same thing with publishing tools like Metawebs, XsitePro, and our new radical blogging and site building automation system called PUSHlogs.  Meet the players in the industry and their very happy clients as they tell you what it is like to be a professional niche publisher.

Watch how currently VERY profitable sites were made!  With the leading tools on the net AND by attending breakout sessions where the creators of these tools build sites with you from niche research to published site in each session!  Workshops for each major player in site publishing will be held all three days outside the seminar for total hands-on action.

Watch as the pros build the sites exactly like they build their own - because they WILL be building their own sites!

This kind of insight is what has sold similar seminars for up to $10,000 per seat!

On Saturday

Continuation of site building techniques and tools with in-depth training.

Traffic building techniques from master search engine marketers and website promotion experts.  A 4 part series taking you through every last detail of how we promote these sites and networks of sites for maximum exposure and traffic.

From dominating search engines to linking, blogging, RSS, and syndication, you will know what WE know from top to bottom.  We will only share what we do to promote our own networks and sites.  No theory.  Only tested, proven tactics that are winning the game right now.

On Sunday

Learn what NO ONE is talking about in the niche publishing industry!  If you think Google Adsense is the end of the road, ultimate profit goal, think again!

Learn how to capture visitors and sell them back end products and services for revenue streams that make Google income pale in comparison! 

Old school meets new school in a blend of marketing tactics that is taking the typical directory/content site and turning it from a one revenue stream generator to a multi-stream profit machine with no more work than setting up a list and collecting names to send your affiliate and product offers to.

Wrap up panel question and answer session to cover ANY questions you have left about anything covered this weekend.

After the Seminar

(When was the last time you saw benefits extending past the weekend itself?)

One full year membership in the exclusive insiders-only Krewe Members site and forum where you can follow up with experts and peers and network.  The Krewe is made up of some of the wealthiest, most successful site publishers on the web.

Ongoing group coaching sessions via phone seminars to keep you focused and on schedule to meet your goals in the coming months.

The option to grab a senior Krewe member for personal coaching and organization of your personal plan of attack with your publishing business.  Need a pro to motivate and stay on you until you have reached your goals?  You got it!

Support, support, support!  All Krewe members will be active in the forum for the selfish reasons, like being on top of the very latest industry profit potential and network building tactics.  Aside from that, all our members are encouraged to help each other via the forum so that no Krewe member gets left behind and everyone has the same opportunity for financial success in their publishing business as anyone.

Make no mistake about it - by joining our Krewe of Profiteers in New Orleans and being involved after the seminar for a full year (till next year's Mardi Gras) means you are part of a tiny fraction of people who are making extreme incomes from internet publishing while tens of thousands of others flail (and fail) away at it outside our group.




What? You think we'd send you home without the resources to
really help you hit FedEx Club ASAP?? C'mon!

When you sign up for the 1st Annual Internet Publishers Mardi Gras you will receive all of the following as a part of your comprehensive training!


This 2-CD Set is the ULTIMATE PUBLISHER'S SURVIVAL KIT! Look What We've Bundled Up For You Inside!

The Survival Kit gives you instant access to many of the resources and tools we use on a daily basis to develop and build web sites and market them for profits.  

VALUE: $1,000


One Whole Year's Membership Inside
Our Krewe of Profiteers Exclusive Member Site!

Followup Never Stops After The Seminar!   Get All The Help and Support You Need From Your Krewe Throughout the Year On Your Way To Your Site Publishing and Profit Goals!

Stop Running Around From Site To Site or Seminar to Seminar or School to School Trying to Learn How To Break It BIG In This Business!  There is only ONE group online as dedicated to this industry: your Krewe!

Keep up with the latest findings from fellow Krewe members throughout the year and grow your site network faster by being in the know and on top of your game.  Pop into the private Krewe forum to get support and training 24/7.

Krewe members software, tools, and training support area with downloads and mini-courses.




We're glad you asked. The value of this seminar alone is worth $120,000.00 (after you spend 1 year of enjoying success as a FedEx Club member!)  We are going to show you EXACTLY how to achieve this goal.  If you are ready for success, it is waiting for you in New Orleans!
What's your investment?
Seminars like this one have sold for $10,000.00 in the past!  Most seminars at this level are between $1,400-$2,000+.
But we are breaking the mold in order to bring in people who would normally not be able to afford one of the events above.
Your price for this incredibly fun and profitable weekend is...

Only $697 And You Get Access To It All!

(None of the presenters would normally be able spend this weekend training you for only $697!  But you get them ALL in New Orleans along with their closely guarded secrets to stellar profits with their niche networks.)

Do the math — you'll see very well you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything you can imagine to gain by taking advantage of our three-day, Internet Publishers' Mardi Gras!  Similar events have come with price tags you could buy a new car with!
Ever wonder what people learn at those things?  NOW you can find out because we are not pricing you out of the event!


Your seat in this PRIVATE, "LIMITED SEATING" NO B.S. Internet Publishing Seminar!

Your own BATTLE PLAN which contains the How-To’s you need to Succeed in 9 Months or Less!

TONS of freebies, tools, and many of the tools you need to succeed as a niche publisher.

Afternoon snacks to tie you over for the rest of the Day!

Informal Q&A with the Instructors & Networking in the Cotton Club and At Several Other Times Throughout The Weekend

Breakout workshops during the event including site building demonstrations and more!

A Mardi Gras Party Like You've Never Experienced Before!

One year membership in our Krewe of Profiteers members area and forum.


All this Knowledge, all this Hands-on Training, all this Coaching, all our Resources and Live Demonstrations ... Oh, there's one catch!



September 9-11, 2005
Hyatt Regency New Orleans!

Get this:  We got you the best hotel price break we have seen for any seminar this year.  Rooms that go for well over $200 per night are only $137 when you mention "Krewe of Profiteers" event when you register!

The Hyatt is smack in the center of New Orleans with action and fun all around.



There can only be 250 Krewe Members.  That's 250 of the MOST successful people on the internet publishing insider-informed networks of profitable information sites!

YES! I want to attend The 1st Annual Internet Publishers' Mardi Gras and become a Krewe member for only $697.00 ...
Reserve your seat right away to ensure you are able to attend this VERY important event!

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Right Now!

In advance, we personally would like to welcome you aboard and we look forward to meeting you in New Orleans!

To Your Success,

Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi

P.S. - The best way to break into any business or to excel beyond where your business is now is to network and dig into insider information any chance you get.  This is your chance to do just that in spades!

Personally, I wouldn't even recommend anyone get into this business at all if they didn't also plan to meet the players and experts that are at the TOP of the game.  And there are tens of thousands of people floundering out there on their own that prove the point:  If you are out of the loop you are out of luck.

Having the latest software doesn't cut it, or everyone would be a player in this industry.  And we know THAT isn't the case, so there IS a key factor missing from just buying software and reading newsletters.

This is your personal invitation to break your potential wide open.  Don't give such an opportunity a second thought if you are serious about your success!

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