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From:  Michael Nelson
Date:   May 04, 2005
Havertown, PA

Dear Friend,

Lying on my old, faded couch at home, alone every night, I used to watch sitcoms and imagine myself in one….

I walk into my favorite nightspot after closing a big business deal. People there light up. Magnetically drawn to me, they head my way, smile warmly and shout greetings. And before you know it, I’m the center of attention, women are fighting to sit next to me, and I'm leading the group in a light, fun banter. The most attractive one in the room whispers something in my ear, and we head off together to a nice steak and potato dinner and movie afterwards….

But then a commercial break comes on. My stomach growls. And reality sets in.

The only potato in the room is me, a 32 year-old couch potato. Home alone. Broke. Socially inept and friendless, I had no place to go.

The people I did know always thought I was dull, not quite good looking enough to hang out with, and were magnetically repelled from me. They would be nice to my face, but, when I'd leave the room..

They Used To Roll Their Eyes And Call Me Stupid

Lacking money after four solid months of unemployment, about all I had in the way of assets was my ability to read – negative bank statements, unpaid bills, the local newspaper’s television guide section, yada, yada, yada. But I knew from reading, that you could absorb about anything you set your mind to – like why your books don’t balance, how much you owe the electric company, which channel your favorite show is on.

And one evening, while I was searching through the evening’s program listings, I spotted it: a tiny classified for a remarkable report that was guaranteed to increase your charisma quotient.

To make a long story short, the report taught me something that I'd always thought was impossible..

Charisma Isn’t A Function Of DNA…It Can Be Developed…By YOU!

My life has been turned upside-down (in a good way) since I first read this report two years ago. Instead of sitting home by myself on Friday nights waiting for the unemployment check to come on Monday, I've since started my own successful business and began a serious relationship with a remarkable woman that's been going strong for the last eight months (we met at one of my speaking engagements).

Lucky for you, the report is now available online. No more need to search the classifieds and wait for the mail to come. You can read all the details about it in a minute, but before you do...

I Designed a Free Course that I'm Very Excited About

The lessons will help you make some of the same changes I did. No more awkward moments when you enter a conversation, no more seething over the dimwits at work that always get recognized and promoted even though they're not as bright and not as talented as you, no more secretly pining over women who don't know you exist and you're too intimidated to approach.

Here are some examples of what you'll learn...

Learn the shocking link between Charisma & Couch Potato's
The 3 types of Charisma, and why they are critical to understand
  How to turn the tables on those that walk all over you
  Why you might be repelling others unintentionally
  The 5 steps towards letting your Charisma skyrocket your career

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Yours in Success,

Michael Nelson

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