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Are you ready to cash in on the multi-billion dollar
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"How to Start Your Own Home-Based
 Business, Or Boost Your Existing Business,
with Private Label Resale Rights to Over
$1,000 Worth
(See Proof Below) of Freshly
Health and Fitness Products and
Content Each and Every Month"

Low Carb Dieting, Hair Loss Prevention,
Arthritis Relief, Muscle Building Secrets,
Sunless Tanning Guide, Healthy Dating Tips,
How to 'Spot Tone' Your Way to A Beautiful Body...

And more of the hottest Health and Fitness topics
for selling and distributing both online and off!

Who am I?

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DISCLAIMER:  Results not typical.  We cannot legally guarantee you'll make money. Your success depends on many factors, including your desire to learn and take action!

From the Desk of: Bryan W. Winters
Thursday, 2:40 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If you're ready to cash in on the booming health and fitness industry, this could be the most exciting letter you've ever read...

Every day, thousands of people log on to the Internet looking for convenient information on how to improve their health, lose weight, build muscle, cure their particular ailments, prevent disease, retain their youth, and live longer.

Case in point: A popular diet site called "eDiets.com" reports over 1.3 million paying monthly members since its inception.

And what does eDiets™ sell? ...You guessed it - information!

Of course, eDiets™ is a BIG company with a BIG advertising budget (an example of what you could become)!

...But there are also countless "mom and pop" type health and fitness related information products quietly raking in massive profits each and every day.  Such as Anthony Ellis's MuscleGainTips.com, which has consistently generated over $1,000 in profit per DAY...Or my friend Margie Garrison's "I Cured My Arthritis" book which has sold over 200,000 copies both online and off!

Forrester Research estimates that digitally delivered books and information products will become a 7.8 billion dollar market over the next three years. (To put that into perspective, that's enough money to fuel tens of thousands of six-figure income earners.)

The demand for health and fitness information in particular is mind-boggling - Overture.com reports that the term "weight loss" alone was searched (through the popular search engines) nearly one million times last month - and there's literally no end in site.

"...And That's Where YOU Come In!"

Where there is demand, there is the opportunity for profit - because profiting is as simple as fulfilling existing demand.

...Read the line above again - just to let the simplicity of it really sink in!

No matter how "scientific" or complicated some people try to make it, making money (in general) is incredibly straightforward:  If you're able to fulfill a demand (needs, wants, or solutions to problems), you're in business.

In a minute or two, I'm going to reveal how YOU can put yourself on the path to financial success by helping others through fulfilling the never-ending demand for health and fitness related information. But first...

"Imagine Living Your Dream Lifestyle..."

I don't know exactly what your "dream lifestyle" would be - but I'm willing to bet it's pretty close to my current lifestyle...

1. When I was working my factory job (yes, I used to be a factory worker), I had to wake up at 6 a.m. (whether I was fully rested or not).

Now I sleep in as late as I want every morning (except on Sundays when I get up for church).

2. I used to work 10 hour days with 2 ten minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch.

Now I work as little or as much as I want. Some weeks I work as little as 2 hours a day. Other weeks (such as when I'm working on creating a brand new site), I'll work 5-6 hours a day. But I set my own schedule.  If it's a beautiful day out, I'm not gonna miss it. If a buddy of mine calls up and wants to go golfing, I'm usually free to go - that is, as long as I get permission from my wife Kristin.  ;-)

3. I used to get paid ten bucks an hour.

Now I pay myself a six figure salary as CEO of my own business.  Before, I could barely afford the mortgage on our house. These days I can afford things I never dreamed of having at this age (I'm 32 years old), such as the jet black Corvette C5 convertible I just bought...And remember that mortgage - well, that's now paid in full.

4. I used to worry about my performance on the job nearly every day, and about the boss that was always looking over my shoulder.

Now, if I make a mistake, I don't sweat it. I just learn from it and move on. I'm not living under the stress and fear of being fired or laid off.

5. I used to "live" for the weekends!

Now every day is like a Saturday or Sunday for me. I used to drive by the "Mall of America" every day on the way to work, and I'd often think, man I wish I could just ditch out on work and take my 3 little girls to the mall  (they love "Camp Snoopy" and "Lego Land"). But then I'd snap back to reality, and continue fighting traffic on my way to work.  Now I CAN spend time with my girls, my wife, and my friends whenever I want.

I always say that a person can't be truly free until they become financially free.

Well, now I know what TRUE freedom is like...

And I sincerely believe that virtually anyone - yourself included - can experience the same freedom, if they have the true desire, and are willing to apply the same blueprint for information marketing success that I'm laying out for you right here and now...

"My Simple 5 Part Formula - How to Sell
Information Products Like Crazy"

Over the years I've been involved with just about every type of online money-making "strategy" that you can imagine:

Online auctions, MLM opportunities, affiliate programs, wholesaling, distributorships... At one point I even started an online retail store!

But far and away the most effective means of making money online that I've discovered, is selling digital - downloadable - information products through very simple direct-response web-sites (such as this one).

My personal formula for information marketing success is an easy 5 part process...

Element 1.  Offer products and information that satisfy a particular demand.

For example:

As I demonstrated earlier, there is an incredible, never-ending demand for health and fitness related information. Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you've SEEN this demand yourself.

So what's stopping YOU from cashing in on this demand by offering convenient, quality health and fitness information on a consistent, timely basis? ...It's easier than you may think.

Element 2.  Generate targeted traffic.

You could have the best information product in the world, but it's completely and utterly useless if nobody sees it, right?

So it's obviously vital that you invest sufficient time or money (or both) on promoting your offer.

It's equally vital that you focus on quality advertising methods...methods that produce targeted visitors (...those interested in the type of information you're offering).

You wanna know the biggest "newbie" mistake on the web?  ...It's wasting time on JUNK advertising methods such as FFA (free for all) link sites, (most) traffic exchanges, (most) safelists, ad blasters, classified ad sites, (most) downline builders...The list goes on.

...People invest hour after hour, day after day on completely useless advertising methods and eventually get burned out after getting nothing in return!

There are many excellent ways to produce all the targeted online traffic you'll ever need, both free and low cost. But you've got to know what these methods are, and how to best utilize them.

Element 3:  Capture visitor information.

...This is another area where many aspiring information marketers go terribly wrong (and before you know it, they've completely given up on their dreams of online success and financial freedom).

Getting quality traffic is one thing, but converting that traffic into cash is quite another.

The secret is, once you begin generating targeted traffic and visitors, your first objective is to "capture" their contact information (for example, get visitors to sign up for your mailing list or newsletter).

...The reason for this is simple. For a variety of reasons, the vast majority of your web-site visitors will NOT order during their first visit. Capturing the contact information of your prospective customers enables you to follow up with them, creating repeat exposure to your product - and MANY more potential sales as a result.

Always remember: marketing is a process, not a one time event. Repeat exposure is king!

Element 4:  Leverage your resources...

Leveraging your time and resources is the key to riches.

And in my experience there is no easier way to create leverage than on the Internet!

You can create leverage in your online business by automating much of your marketing, such as by using simple email "autoresponders" to send fully automated follow up messages to your web-site visitors and prospective customers.

...If you wanted, you could literally send each of your potential customers a follow up letter every single day for years to come, with zero effort on your part. It's like having the "perfect" sales person working on your behalf - yet you never pay a dime in sales commissions!

Element 5:  Killer ad copy (optional?)...

This is where we separate the men and women from the boys and girls!

I don't care *what* type of business we're talking about, online or off: In every case, there are certain special skills that you must develop if you expect to achieve maximum success.

When it comes to doing business online, the most important skill that you can develop is that of copywriting - learning to craft sales messages that get results.

FACT: You don't need to be an accomplished writer to succeed online. In fact, some of the best copywriters have very poor "traditional" writing skills...

One of the most important keys to writing effective ad copy is simply putting your spoken word into print (ie, imagine yourself talking to your potential customer one-on-one, and put what you'd say to this person in print).

Is it possible to succeed without knowing how to write compelling ad copy?  Of course! But if you're serious about maximizing your success online, you'll spend a little time each week to develop and refine your copywriting skills.


...So there you have it, the simple 5 part formula that has literally changed my life! ...It's like multi-billionaire Warren Buffet said:

"It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results!"

"Introducing Push-Button Health
- Your Short Cut
to Information Marketing Success!"

Now that I've given you a glimpse at my exciting lifestyle as an Internet-information marketer, as well as provided you with the simple formula that I credit to my success, it's time to take a close look at exactly how you can benefit by becoming a member of Push-Button Health™.

You'll quickly discover we've taken much of the guesswork - and WORK in general - out of starting a lucrative health and fitness related information marketing business of your very own.

In fact, we've designed a complete turnkey system for getting your products launched, and your business started as quickly as possible. Check it out...

1. Two Exclusively Written Private Label Products Each Month

Every month, we'll provide you with two private label information products in text format (PC and Mac compatible)...

Each product consists of 40-75+ pages of 100% fresh (totally exclusive), professionally written health and fitness related content that you can sell and distribute as is, or mold-and-shape-and-modify however you wish!

This information is "ghostwritten" by our team of freelance writers so that you can re-title the product and sign your name as the author -  and build your credibility and reputation as a result.

(Did you know?... Many of the everyday books you see on Amazon.com and in your local bookstore are actually ghostwritten by other writers for the author. As a Push-Button Health™ member you can now easily become an "official" author!)

Now listen VERY close to this part: ONE of the two new monthly products will include STANDARD resale rights. This simply means you can sell the product itself, but you cannot pass on resale rights. The OTHER (second) product will include MASTER resale rights, meaning you can offer the product AND, if you choose, pass on the resale rights to your customers as an added purchase incentive!

As a result, there's almost no limit to the flexibility you have with Push-Button Health™ products and product content...

  • Easily create "viral" products and articles with resale and reprint rights to GENERATE UNLIMITED PROFITS, WEB TRAFFIC and SUBSCRIBERS!  You can include your OWN name and "resource box" along with each product and article, just as if you'd written them yourself!
  • Convert products into an attractive PDF or EXE format, and sell unlimited copies.
  • Extract content to create endless special reports, training courses, and more!
  • Use the products and content to create your own health related membership site.
  • Add to, or modify content as you see fit - add text, pictures, affiliate links, etc.
  • Use the content to create a content-based affiliate marketing site.
  • Sell this information online OR off, through mail order, on eBay™, via CD-ROM, print, audio, etc.
  • We'll SHOW YOU how to do all this and much more!

Now let's take a peek at our current and upcoming private label product list...


Here are the new products ready-and-waiting in the members area right now (you'll receive these products immediately after you join - the sooner you access them, the sooner you can begin selling them!)...

Product 1) "Overcoming Addictions!" - $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 2) "Healthy Dating and Relationship Tips"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 3) "Muscle Building Mania" - $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 4) "Conquering Cellulite!" - $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 5) "Lowering Your Cholesterol"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 6) "47 Simple Herbal Remedies!"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 7) "Your Guide to Good Health Insurance"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 8) "Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger!"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 9) "How to Reduce Stress at Work and at Home!"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 10) "177 Ways to Reduce and Burn Calories"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 11) "The Men's Guide to Prostate Health"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 12) "51 Beauty Secrets!"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 13) "Getting Rid of Your Bad Breath"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 14) "Secrets to Achieving a Healthy, White Smile!"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 15) "Interview with a Bodybuilding Expert"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 16) "Interview with a Weight Loss Expert"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 17)  "Holistic Healing Secrets"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 18)  "Insider Nutrition Secrets!"
- $500.00 actual content value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.
Product 19)  "Insomnia Guide" - $500.00 value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 20)  "How To Quit Smoking Guide" - $500.00 value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.

Here are the products that were just released (for December, 2005):

Product 21) "How To Raise a Healthy Dog!" - $500.00 value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 22) "Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Rejuvination"- $500.00 value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.

January, 2006 products:

Product 23)  -To Be Announced-
- $500.00 value
...Product Designation: Private label. STANDARD resale rights.

Product 24)  -To Be Announced-
- $500.00 value
...Product Designation: Private label. MASTER resale rights.

And many more to come! ...You'll receive two more hot NEW (freshly written!) products during the first week of each and every month of your membership!

Still not convinced of the incredible value we're offering you here?...As promised in my headline, here's a little "proof" - a screenshot of our freelance writing invoice (for our "Low-Carb Dieting Secrets" and "Hair Loss Prevention" products), demonstrating what you would pay for a professional writing team to research, develop, and create similar products for you...

(Name of Writer Edited Out)

(We pay our writers up to $1,500 every single month in our quest to continue bringing you the freshest, hottest, health and fitness related content!)

"Hi Bryan,

I've known you for many years now and the one thing that you always do is over-deliver! Push Button Health is the latest example of how ordinary people can make extraordinary profits from home simply by LEVERAGING
on your information and resources.

The Health and Wellness industry is one of the biggest money spenders online and it's a market that will only grow. And now with Push Button Health, you've literally taken out all the work for members - private label content; resale rights, articles, marketing instructions etc. I mean - WOW!

Guys, grab a membership, learn and profit...you'll love it."

Ewen Chia


"I am really glad you came out with the PBH, as I was in the process of setting up my own website for health and health products. I already have my ezine for health up and running. You saved me a bunch of work..."

Ed W.


2. Two Accompanying, Professional Sales Letters Each Month

Not only will you receive everything mentioned in the product section above - you'll also receive accompanying, professionally written sales letters for every health and fitness product we release!

...You could easily pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a professionally written sales letter, but again we've taken care of the work and the cost FOR you.

And get this - you are free to modify these sales letters however you wish. For example, you can add your own graphics...testimonials...audio or video clips...your name and contact info...and more!

You could also extract some of the ad copy to create shorter solo ads, top sponsor or classified style ads, and more.

Each sales letter is crafted specifically for each of the products we release, by our team of professional copywriters - whom we pay good money to write these letters for your benefit.

...This adds up to an additional $500+ monthly value!

"The time it takes me to write a 40-page book is 2 months at least - and that's assuming I don't do anything else. So when you told me about the private label niche info products in PushbuttonHealth.Com, I was stunned. All along I have been burning the midnight oil when I could have done the same kind of work for much less time. Yesterday, I was able to compile 4 books with my private label, each of which comes with ready-made salesletter to boot. Today, I will be modifying each of the packages to make completely different info products. Tomorrow I will be launching 8 different health-related info products simultaneously!"

Raul R. Bancod


3. Free Access to the "IPDMC" - Unlimited Training!...

So, at this point you know exactly how to get your hands on hot information products and ad copy. But let me guess, now you're wondering how to actually start making money with them, and how to get them in front of highly motivated buyers?  Not to worry, I've got you covered...

My Information Product Development and Marketing Club (or IPDMC as I'll refer to it) is where you'll learn everything you need to know in order to get your information product business off the ground - in easy to digest bits and pieces. - NO information overload here!

And rather than throwing a bunch of rehashed information at you, I'll be providing you with "real life" up-to-date "marketing quickies" and tutorials of actual techniques, tests, strategies, and tips that I've implemented myself in my own business. So if it "don't work", you won't hear about it!  I only list what works to help you succeed.

Here are a few of the things that I'm anxious to share with you...

  • Discover how to apply my 5 part formula, step-by-step, in the same way that makes me over $20,000 in online profit per month, working from the comfort of home. (Disclaimer: I certainly can't legally guarantee you'll make money - but at the same time I trust you're smart enough to see the incredible potential of what I'm offering.)
  • Need money fast?  I'll show you the absolute quickest methods to begin generating an automated cash-flow (and multiple streams of income!) using nothing but your computer and an Internet connection...No products to create...No web-site to set up...No customers to deal with. You can literally be set up and ready to profit in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Revealed at last: My closely guarded secrets to generating targeted web-site traffic and building profitable (opt-in) mailing lists "at will" using free and low cost techniques. In fact, I'll show you how to build an opt-in mailing list of 1,000+ subscribers in just 30 days! ("Opt-in" refers to people who've specifically *chosen* to join your list.)
  • Learn how to use basic tools such as email "autoresponders" to put key aspects of your online business on complete autopilot!
  • The real deal: I'll show you how myself and countless others, each and every day, are generating sales and cash online while they're out shopping, at the beach, spending time with their families, or doing whatever they enjoy most...If you think this is hype - think again!
  • Follow my footsteps and "copycat" what I do to make money online.
  • Discover how to write killer ad copy and sales letters that will *scientifically* and *mathematically* get results time after time...A desirable product, with sufficient exposure, and a strong sales letter, is money in the bank.
  • Get the latest, hottest, most up to date information on what actually works to make money online. And much, much more!

Originally, this was going to be a completely separate membership site!...

But today it's yours for no additional cost when you become a Push-Button Health™ member...

A $19.95 monthly value!

"What an amazing site, I've never found it so easy to take the raw materials and convert it into a fully fledged sales copy and product. The materials and tools provided by PushButtonHealth has now given me the motivation I needed to get out there and produce something...... and hopefully make some extra income in the process. I look forward with anticipation to the coming months materials and the possibilities they present..."

Jeff Usher


4. Free Access to the Web Development Club!...

As with any business, there are a few simple tools and resources that you may need to get up and running.

That's where my Web Development Club comes in.

...Here I'll show you where to get a feature packed web hosting account (so that you can get your own web-site up and running when you're ready) for just $4.95 per month with NO set up fee - this is a special exclusive offer available only to members of PBH.  Your (optional) account includes more space than you'll likely ever need at 500 "megs", and will handle more traffic (visitors) than you'll likely ever need at "10 gigs of bandwidth".  And don't worry, if need be, you'll have all the help you need when it comes to things like registering a domain and uploading your web pages (all that is a snap once you've done it once or twice anyhow).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you're not ready to get your own domain name and web hosting account (to start your own web-site), I'll show you a number of great ways to start your business selling information products without any web-site at all. The fact is, you don't need your own web-site to succeed!

I'll also show you how to easily begin accepting checks and credit cards online - with no tedious applications to fill out, and best of all, no monthly fees!  (This is so easy anyone can do it.)

And! ...I'll give you free access to my hand-picked "suite" of software and scripts to enhance your web-site and help build your online business. Here's a peek at just some of what's included:

Ultra Templates v1.0 ...Professionally designed, direct-response style, fully customizable web-site templates!

ActionPak Gold Mini Site Creator ...Use this software in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop (not included) to create stunning graphics for your web-site including ebook covers, software boxes, membership cards, and more!

114 Power Scripts ...This *massive* collection of scripts includes: Power Safelist Pro, Domain Name Appraiser, Search Engine Keyword Scanner, HTML Code Protector, Super Cloaker, Poetry Bot...And a seemingly never-ending list of other powerful scripts!

Forum Fortunes ...Product Excerpt: "You Have Just Unlocked the Powerful Secret to Making Money With Online Forums... Forum Fortunes software saves you time, generates targeted traffic to your websites, builds your credibility, and much more!"

Supercharged Linking  ...Product Excerpt:..."Even a novice can explode their web-site traffic! ...With Supercharged Linking, you can offer 100% reciprocal linking with others, and be assured that it's viable and easy for you to maintain!"

Paperless Copywriting ...Features an amazing suite of professional copywriting information and resources!

David Vallieres' Guerilla Mailer v1.0 ...A powerful PHP based list mailing script (developed and used by Internet marketing guru David Vallieres).

Keyword Suggestion Tool v1.8 ...Hey search engine advertisers!... This powerful script will list related keywords from Google.com; list the number of Overture.com searches for a given keyword; list the number of pages related to a given keyword in the major searches, list URL's of the top ranking sites for a given keyword (as well as display the link popularity, meta keywords and Alexa.com ranking of those top sites). Installs in just a couple minutes!

Easy PDF Publisher's Toolkit ...This concise report shows you how to create PDF files in just minutes - at no cost. It's never been easier to create stunning, media-rich PDF ebooks.

Auto Hits Machine Software, v4.0 ...Product excerpt:  "NEW Mind-Blowing Technology Delivers An Endless Flood Of Traffic To Your Website Automatically At The Push Of A Button.  Enjoy Unlimited Hits For Life!"

...And more - you'll gain instant access to over $500 worth of software, and growing!

"You won't believe for how many years I have been trying to get into the Health Niche...

There's a lot of money to be made there but I guess there was a lot of "groundwork" involved as well...

Thanks so much for Push Button Health. You can rest assured that I will not just "use" my membership. I will downright *abuse* it ;-)"

George Katsoudas


5. SPECIAL FREE BONUS: Turnkey Product Packages...

When you become a PBH member today, in addition to everything listed so far, you'll have access to a small but growing collection of ready-made health and fitness related products including master resale rights that we've purchased from outside sources and included here for you...

The following (included) products are complete and ready to sell:

30 Day Low Carb Diet 'Ketosis Plan' ...Product Excerpt: "30-Day Low Carb Diet 'Ketosis Plan' has already helped scores of people lose their excess pounds and inches faster and easier than they ever thought possible." (Ebook and Sales Pages Included.)

1000 Atkins™ Diet Recipes ...A whopping 243 pages chock full of recipes that follow the famous Atkins weight-loss plan...Includes a nifty carb. gram counter!

Obesity and Weight Loss ...A comprehensive manual on understanding and conquering obesity!

Smoothies for Athletes ...Featuring 120 delicious Smoothie recipes!

More products WILL be added as they become available.

The current master resale rights product collection is worth over $100 in actual cost, but it's yours for free the moment you become a PBH member!

"Wow man.  What a SUPER AMAZING idea Push Button Health is!  I mean niche marketing is quickly gaining strength and popularity among internet marketers because of its absolute success.  And PBH fits right into that category!
And what's even better is that you give us the products and sales letters to help us all sell our own niche products in one of the RICHEST niche markets out there....health! Way to go Bryan...you're outstanding!"
Ian Herculson

"Do NOT Miss These Benefits!"

We've covered a lot of material so far and I'd absolutely hate for you to miss a single benefit, so here's a quick recap of the premium resources and services you'll receive the moment you become a Push-Button Health member...

1. Two Brand New Exclusively Written Private Label Products Each Month.

...You'll receive TWO private label information products valued at $1,000 - $1,500 every single month. You can take these products and make them your very own. Sign your own name. Extract articles to generate traffic. Offer resale rights. The sky is the limit to how you can use these products to start and grow your information marketing business!

2. Two Accompanying Professionally Written Sales Letters Each Month.

...Each of your private label products comes with its own professionally written sales letter!  And what I haven't even mentioned yet this:  You can do whatever you want with these letters.  Use them as is. Slice 'em. Dice 'em.  Add to them. If you're offering resale rights to a product, you can include the sales letter. You could even "package" the sales letters themselves and create an "instant sales letter" resource for the health and fitness market. Your imagination is the only limit. $500+ monthly value.

3. Free Access to Our Information Product Development and Marketing Club.

...This is where you'll learn step-by-step, in REALLY easy to understand language, how to apply my 5 part information marketing formula...The very same formula that makes me $20,ooo.oo+ per month in profit, each and every month. One of the things I'm most excited about is showing you how to create articles in as little as 60 seconds by copying and pasting content from within the private label products - and using these articles to generate unlimited web-site traffic and newsletter subscribers.  This one technique will BLOW YOU AWAY. You really can't put a price tag on what you'll learn here.

4. Free Access to the Web Development Club.

...You'll find lots of "goodies" and free products inside the Web Development Club.  Currently over $5oo.oo worth of books and software to help you grow your business! (And don't forget about that exclusive web hosting offer I promised you!)

5. FREE BONUS - Turnkey Product Packages...

...Ok, so they don't come with private label resale rights, and you can't modify them or sign your own name as the author, but these bonus health and fitness products come with master resale rights and will make for some quality additions to your information product "arsenal". The current collection is worth over $1oo.oo in actual cost.

6. Just added!...

...We recently installed a full-featured private forum to the member's area where you'll be able to: Exchange ideas. Set up profitable joint ventures and partnerships. Stay motivated. Make new friends. Get additional help and support. And more!


Wait!  I know you must be getting excited, but before you skip ahead to become a PBH member, I've got some other really cool things to share with you first...

"Gain the Push-Button Health Advantage!"

Perhaps the biggest benefit of your Push-Button Health™ membership is that you'll receive a continual fresh supply of brand new products and content focused on ONE market category (health and fitness) - rather than a wide variety of unfocused products and product categories.

Our focused content will enable you to:

1. Build a targeted opt-in list of people interested in improving their health!
2. Establish a long term network of targeted business contacts and JV partners.
3. Generate multiple streams of income much more efficiently (with focused/related content).
4. Grow an "arsenal" of related products that you can promote to your list and through your contacts.
5. And ultimately, build a real business around the health and fitness market.

The Push-Button Health™ philosophy is centered around producing niche topics within the billion dollar health and fitness market (rather than niche topics ranging from product categories A-Z). I think you'll agree that's the sensible approach to information marketing success!

"Internet Marketing vs. Health and Fitness..."

For a variety of reasons that date several years back (I could almost write a "historical" book on the subject) most people new to the information marketing business get involved right off the bat in selling "Internet marketing" and "how to make money online" related information.

...Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that - it's still an awesome market (my own Internet marketing related web-sites consistently bring in over $20,000 per month), and a great way to learn as you go...

But as you consider what topic to build your first (or second?) business around, you should know that other topics, such as the health and fitness category, can be just as profitable, or (yes) even more profitable...

Earlier on I mentioned that the term "weight loss" was searched (through the major search engines) nearly one million times last month - a typical number month after month...While the term "Internet marketing" was searched under 200,000 times.

The term "diet" was searched on nearly 900,000 times, while the term "make money" was searched under 150,000 times.

I don't know about you, but those numbers get me really excited about the health and fitness market!

Again, in no way am I knocking Internet marketing related info. products (I believe Internet marketing will continue to be a hot topic for many years to come). My point is, whether you're a "newbie" or a seasoned marketer... Whether you're starting your first or second or THIRD business... You've got options in terms of what topic you'd like to focus on.

"Is the Information Marketing Business Right for YOU?"

I have to be careful here, because I could easily go on and on (and on) about the many benefits of getting involved in the lucrative world of information marketing and publishing for profit.  Let me just give you some of the highlights, so that you can better decide whether this is the right business for you...

  • Enjoy unlimited income potential. Countless millionaires have been made in the information marketing business (publishers, Internet and mail order marketers, seminar speakers, authors, and more) - could you be the next?
  • Build a business you can be proud of by helping others.  We live in the information age. People of all walks of life have an insatiable desire for information, and you can cash in by helping to fulfill this desire. Even the most simple information products can carry an incredibly high perceived value. You don't have to be seasoned writer (or even a good writer) to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in the information marketing business.
  • You control your time and schedule.  Time is your most important asset. Chances are your employer controls much of your time right now. But you have the power to change that beginning today. As a full time information marketer you can work when you want, and however little or however much you want - and as a result, discover what true freedom is really like.
  • Start on a shoestring budget.  Just imagine, you can start and run a successful Internet-based information marketing business for well under $75 per month (that's less than my cable bill!). The income-potential vs. cost-of-doing-business ratio of the information marketing business is second to none!
  • Take advantage of unbeatable profit margins.  Back when I was involved in the manufacturing business as a factory worker and fabricator, the profit margins were as low as 10-15%. Meaning, if we sold a product at $100 retail, we were lucky to make $15 profit on that sale!  In the information marketing business, profit margins of 95-100% are common. (For example, digital books and information products cost absolutely nothing to reproduce and distribute, and are often priced at $10 to $97 per copy depending on the subject matter.)
  • Run your business from anywhere in the world. I run my business from the comfort of home. With my wireless Internet connection my office is anywhere I choose to sit down and work - even outside on nice days. And I can easily run my business from wherever I might choose to go. I live in Minnesota, but let's say I got sick of the sub-zero temperatures and shoveling my driveway during the Minnesota winters...  Running my business from warm and sunny Florida would be a simple matter of bringing my laptop with me, and getting an Internet connection wherever I decide to stay.
  • Enjoy more free time by completely automating much of your business.  If you choose to run an online information marketing business, you can easily automate the entire ordering process - everything from accepting and processing customer payments, to fulfilling the order by having the customer automatically transferred to your "product download page" after their payment is complete.  So all that "hype" you hear about making money while you sleep, or while you're out shopping (or out on the golf course like me) - that's not hype!  That's the real deal.  I check my emails first thing when I wake up. And almost every morning without fail I have order notifications waiting for me in my inbox (orders that have already been fulfilled).  My job is simply to provide any email support needed, and collect the profits.
  • And much, much more - but I promised I'd be brief ;-)

I realize there are lots of ways to earn a good living - and even get rich. But quite honestly I don't think there's a better way to do it than as an information marketer.  And I bet you're beginning to see why!


If you take ONE thing from this letter - even if you choose not to become a member of Push-Button Health™, I urge you to do some serious soul searching and to strongly consider the information marketing business.

If you're like me, you're bombarded with hype pitch after hype pitch (ie, the so-called "next big thing") in your email inbox every day...Offers that promise you incredible riches with the click of a button, or that *guarantee* you'll make "x" amount of dollars in "x" amount of time are a dime a dozen.

And most often these so-called opportunities are put out by fakers who are struggling just to make it themselves - so they hope to cash in by telling you exactly what you want to hear (while at the same time sacrificing the truth).

...The sad thing is that good, honest people fall for these offers (hook, line, and sinker) all too often.

Listen, if you're looking to get rich quick, or actually believe that you're eventually going to hit the proverbial jackpot if you just keep hopping from opportunity to opportunity until you hit upon the "real deal", you need to get real.

...And by that I mean, it's time to start a real business of your own. Not some "plug-in instant million bucks guaranteed exploding rake in the cash with no effort spillover 100% automatic" JUNK!  I'm talking about a business where YOU are in control...Where you offer REAL products to REAL people...A business through which you succeed by helping others!

"You will get everything in life that you want if you just help enough other people get what they want."  - Zig Ziglar

Here are a couple random comments regarding the "information marketing" business in general, that I pulled from forums and newsletters last week. I wasn't specifically looking for them, but ran across them and thought I'd post them here (with permission). I run across comments like this constantly...

>Creating, marketing and selling information products is THE ONLY >BUSINESS in the world where ONE PERSON can generate a quarter of a >million dollars in sales each year without staff, factories or much overhead.
>Today with the Internet you can create and market hundreds of >infoproducts and make $100,000 a year sitting at home in your pj's while >watching your favorite show on TV. I'm serious. I know... because I DO IT. (David Vallieres, InfoProductLab.com)


>To me, solid information from a trusted source on a topic as important as >overall health is priceless. And the market out there is huge! There's a lot of >demand these days for almost ANYTHING related to health! Good luck >with everything you do! Hope that helps! Take care.
(Brett Laffin, http://www.money2bmade.com)

"Now the Big Question: What's this All Gonna Cost,
and is There Any Way I Can Get It All for Free?"

With all this "build up", you're probably expecting some outrageous price tag, right?

The truth is, we could easily justify a $97 monthly fee for Push-Button Health™ - just take another look at that screen shot of how much we're paying our writers (money that YOU might very well be paying on product and content development otherwise)...And that of course doesn't include everything else you receive each month.

But for a limited time (as a special introductory offer) we're practically giving away Push-Button Health™ memberships for a measly $29.97 per month!

At any point we could raise our price on future memberships, but YOU will remain locked in at the current low rate of $29.97 per month by ordering today - and of course, you're free to cancel at any time.

But wait!  This gets even better...

As a Push-Button Health™ member you'll automatically be able to take advantage of our powerful, built-in referral program. By referring just a couple other Push-Button Health™ members, you've not only covered the cost of your membership, you're in profit.

We'll pay you an incredible $17 per month for each and every direct referral you generate!

...This makes for a brilliant (optional) backend residual income generator as you market the products and content you're provided as a member!

We'll provide you with plenty of free affiliate marketing tips and resources - including ad copy - to help ensure your success. (We of course can't legally "guarantee" you'll generate referrals or make money. Your success depends on such factors as your will and desire to succeed.)

"Everyone knows that toward the very top of most peoples' wishes are to create good health and wealth. Well, Bryan Winters has come out with a revolutionary program that will help put you in excellent shape with both your health and finances.

On top of all that, sales are coming in like crazy for his new site and you can benefit in a huge way with recurring commissions coming to you regularly. Here's the most important part! I've known Bryan for a while now and this guy builds nothing but top notch stuff. His customer support is like no other site I've seen, and talk about integrity ... He has so much integrity you can't help but love the guy. I'm lucky just to know the guy and I'm glad you have a chance to do the same thing for yourself now too."

Success to All, Jerome Chapman
CEO - 1HourWealth.com

"30 Day No-Risk Trial"

Listen, I place quite a few orders online, so I can relate to what "this moment" is like for you. There is almost always a little lingering skepticism as you prepare to order - I assure you that's perfectly normal (with as many orders as I've placed, it still happens to me).

And because I want you to feel as comfortable as possible in taking the next step, I want to make it crystal clear that I'm offering you 30 days to scour the Push-Button Health™ private membership site until your heart is content...

If you're not satisfied for whatever reason, just send me a quick email within that 30 days to say, "Hey Bryan, I'd like a refund for the $29.97 I invested in Push-Button Health". And I'll send your refund, no sweat...

The last thing I want to do is come off as cocky here - I'm about the most humble guy you could ever meet - but I'm not hurting for business. And I'm not stupid... I'm not going to risk my reputation or my business over a $29.97 refund here and there. That's insane!

The absolute worst thing that could happen here would be to let any lingering skepticism you may still have rob you of what I'm offering!  You have absolutely nothing to risk, even if you're just going for a Push-Button Health™ "test drive".

"Time Sensitive Offer - Join Right Away!"

This is NOT a marketing ploy. I've literally been told that my membership fee is currently "too low". I will not guarantee the current price will be available next week, or even tomorrow. I'm confident that the lopsided value I'm offering in your favor is quite transparent - and that you can understand why a price increase would be totally justified.

So bottom line, the only way to lock-in at the current price (for as long as you choose to remain a member) is to order now.

Ordering is a snap - and of course, completely SECURE.

Have your credit card ready. Click on the button (or text link) in the box below and follow the instructions. Make sure to click on the "Continue" link after you've completed your payment. Immediately following your order you'll be directed to register a password, after which you can login to the private members area so that you can get started as soon as you'd like!


 Yes Bryan!  ...I can't wait to gain instant access to the Push-Button Health™ members area, where I can immediately begin applying your "$20,000" five part formula, and begin building MY very own information marketing business from the comfort of home!

Click Here to Join Us Now
Absolutely No Hidden Fees

Here for Your Success,
Bryan Winters

Bryan Winters
CEO, PushButtonHealth.com

P.S. Have you missed the hidden benefit of becoming a member of Push-Button Health™?

...If you've read my letter above, you already know we'll provide you with two private label health and fitness product-and-sales-letter packages with resale rights every month (and that each product is written from scratch by our seasoned writers especially for Push-Button Health™ members)...

PLUS free access to our Information Product Development and Marketing training center. PLUS free access to our Web Development Club. PLUS access to our exclusive collection of additional health and fitness products with resale rights. PLUS the opportunity to make unlimited cash through our generous affiliate program.

...All of which adds up to a real-world value of $2,300+ per month.  And all of which translates into the opportunity to "write your own" check in terms of potential income, as well as the potential to finally obtain the true freedom and lavish lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

But the hidden benefit I'm referring to, is the carefully researched health and fitness information that you'll have access to - a new, updated "dose" of health and fitness knowledge that YOU can use and apply to further improve your lifestyle...Next to God, what's more important than your health, and the health of your friends and family?!

P.P.S. I'm really excited to help you begin your new home-based business...I mentioned earlier I'm not hurting for business - I already make a six-figure annual income from my other web-sites. I think it's important that you know I started Push-Button Health™ not because I needed to, but rather because I want to help others like you find the same financial freedom and success that I have...All thanks to what I truly know to be by far the best home-based business opportunity out there - information marketing!

Remember, you have absolute nothing to risk by becoming a member - even if you just want to check things out - thanks to my personal 30 day money-back guarantee.
I know you'll be glad you joined Push-Button Health™ today!

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