Press Release 3/12/01




The Mutual Insurance Group(MIG), a Florida based agency, is offering a revolutionary health insurance product to the market. The Enhanced Medical Savings Account program, is the blending of a traditional comprehensive health insurance program to cover catastrophic medical illnesses with a congressionally authorized tax deferred Cash Equity Account to cover minor medical and incidental expenses.

According to Wayne Jenkins, President of MIG, "We believe this is exactly what healthcare professionals have been looking for to counter managed care. Holders of our enhanced Medical Savings Account programs are free to use the doctors and hospitals of their choice with no restrictions. If all of a physician’s patients were on this program, it would make the practice essentially a cash business, at usual and customary fees, with payment at the time of service. Not only does this policy save physicians money when providing benefits for employees, but it accumulates a tax deferred cash asset for their practice."

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