Hello, can I speak to ____________________



This is ___________________ with Mutual of Omaha.


I work in association with your bank.


We offer a mortgage protection plan that will pay the mortgage off for your

family if you should die or get hurt.


Not only that but, if you donít die, we can give back every single penny you paid with interest.


So you see, IF you die we will pay off your home, if you donít die you get your money back. Wouldnít you call that a win-win situation?



I would like to set an appointment for ______ to come out and talk with you for about 20 minutes and show you how this might benefit you. Just for listening, he will give you a trip for 2 to ____________.



Are you available mornings or evenings?

How about ___ between ____ & _____?


Great, and both parties on the mortgage application will be there, correct?