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3 Types of Body Pain You Must Never Ignore

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In medical terminology, pain is described as any unpleasant sensory experience that is mainly caused due to damage or injury to the tissues. Most individuals treat body pains as temporary discomfort and generally neglect it. However, if not treated properly, pain can radically affect the usual functioning of the body.

In fact, few body pains normally subside, while some tend to aggravate slowly with time and need to be seen by a medical doctor. Here is a look at these three types of body pain that no person should ever overlook.

  1. Back pain: Back pain is one of the most common conditions that bother many people of all ages. Lower back pain is often a result of disease or injury to the muscles, bones and nerves of the spine. And some back pains are also caused due to abnormalities of the organ within the chest, pelvis or abdomen. Even slight pain in the back should never be ignored as prolonged condition can lead to slipped disc, pinched nerve and sometimes temporary or permanent paralysis.
  2. Shoulder and neck pain: The neck and shoulder region is formed of muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves, veins, arteries and other miscellaneous supporting structures. Hence several conditions can result in pain this area. Although such pains are generally the result of damage or injury to tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues, some pain can also be due to ailments in tissues like pinched nerve, whiplash, herniated disc or degenerative disc disease, or due to excessive pressure or stress on muscles that in end the blood vessels get overloaded. Thus neck pain should be treated by a medical expert before the condition worsens.
  3. Ankle pain: Ankle pain can be in one or both ankles, and is often caused due to ankle sprain. Generally wear and tear or damage to ligaments results in swelling and bruising and that ultimately causes a sprain in the ankle. In addition, arthritis, gout, pseudogout and infection are few other causes of ankle pain. Ankle pain is common among marathon runners and athletes and can be easily prevented by wearing proper socks, shoes and ankle protection gear.

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The North Pittsburgh Pain Physicians (NP3) centre uses a comprehensive approach to manage pain. Staff members there who are certified in Pain Management and Medicine include Randall Barrett, D.O., Levi Zimmerman, M.D., and Kelsi Tagliati, M.D. Using the latest pain control techniques, they coordinate multi-disciplinary solutions to alleviate patient suffering so that persistent pain can be reduced or eliminated.

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