5 Tips for Working With a Personal Assistant or With Virtual Assistants

Before you begin working with a personal assistant or virtual assistants, you will need to know some important items that are going to be essential for working with them. This will go beyond simply tossing work at them and hoping for the best. These individuals are humans, like anyone else, and because of that, they will have their strengths and weaknesses. Here are five important tips you need for working with virtual assistants.

1. Begin by learning all you can from sample targeted tests you have for them. For instance, you can have them write a sample paper for you that will require some research on a topic. Or even consider asking them to review some financial information and create a spreadsheet. Knowing where you stand in terms of skills will prove to be essential in utilizing the assistant.

2. Not every virtual assistant will work all day, every day. If you have a project that is urgent, be sure you take the time to consult a work schedule with this individual. From there, you can explain what you need done and let the worker know the hours you expect that person to work. This can help you save some headaches down the road.

3. Communication is essential. While you might not realize it, there are some essentials that need to be taken into consideration when you are hiring a virtual assistant. This means you need to sit down with the worker via a chat (or via a series of email messages or other means of communication) and detail what you need. Giving the best overall explanation will help to ensure you get the best overall results. You might want to break down your projects into pieces to help avoid a large project needing to be redone.

4. Be sure to require status updates. A lack of communication can become a problem. Every few hours (if doing daily work) or days (if doing a weekly project), for example, check in and see if your worker needs any help. This opens a line of communication and can help you answer questions the person might not normally ask.

5. Know that you are going to need to take some time to get on the same page with your virtual assistant. It may take a week or two to get an understanding between both of you. This means it is very important for you to consider consulting with the individual or team leader (if you hire a team of virtual assistants) to determine which tasks will work best and which may even require that you hire another person or team.

Grow your relationships as you grow your business. When you nurture your relationships in a positive way, your business grows accordingly.

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