6 Point Press Release Checklist


Writing a good press release can seem like a daunting proposition. There are a lot of individual factors and components that you need to remember to focus on in the content. Plus there are lots of details which separate high quality releases that often receive lots of attention, and the rest of the ones that don't. Use the following checklist to help ensure you always come up with a great press aka news release.


1) Attention-Grabbing Headline: The headline is one of the most important pieces of a press release, you need to be sure to attract lots of eyes to people will read what you have to say.


2) Strong Opening Paragraph: Your opening paragraph also has to be very compelling so that people want to know what your news is all about and thus continue to read the rest of the details.


3) No Personal Pronouns: News releases should not be directed towards the reader, nor should they talk about 'you' using words such as I, you, we or us. Instead, use impersonal pronouns and talk in the third person.


4) List Most Important Info First: Make sure that all of your most important information in the press release is shared first. Assume that you lose readers every paragraph, so cover your main points quickly and upfront.


5) Who Cares: Before finalizing any press release, be sure to ask yourself why people will care about this, or even, 'if' people care will about this news item. If it's not compelling and repeatable, then it won't get you anywhere.


6) Call to Action: In the final paragraph, include information so that readers know how to find you for more details. This can be a website link, phone number, email address and postal address. Also offer a freebie, as people love gifts. This could be a free report, coupon, special discount or trial purchase, for instance. Find some freebies that have captured your attention lately in other promotions, other press releases, for ideas.


The bottom line is this: don't stress out too much about crafting that next press release. With the above checklist, you should be able to turn any idea or draft into a high quality release that garners a great amount of attention for you and your business. Remember to pay attention to detail and to capture people's attention more than anything else. And review good press releases out there now for more ideas.




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