8 Best Blogging SEO Tips

Your blog must be search engine friendly if you want to generate the kind of traffic with it that can boost your online success. If it's not, you'll be your own best kept secret and who needs that! The following blogging search engine optimization (SEO) tips should help you get the results that you want.

1. As often as possible, include keywords in your domain name and if you're domain name is made with a keyword phrase, add dashes between each word.

2. Custom permalink search engine optimization is one of the most important elements in regards to blog SEO. This means using keywords in the titles of your blog posts, whereas the titles in turn become links to your blog. The primary benefit of being permalink optimized is that this method of blog marketing helps improve your keyword positioning in search engine results. Inevitably search engines are going to deliver targeted traffic to your blog with the end result of you achieving your online business goals: that's goal.

3. Incorporate keywords into the content of your posts as well, not over-doing it and making your posts appear to be spamming. And insert photos or other images, videos, podcasts, free downloads and other types of files from time to time, to make your blog more interesting.

4. Also sprinkle Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords throughout your posts that are relevant to the content on the post. LSI's are keywords which are very closely relevant to your primary keyword. You can find them by is using Google's keyword tool. Once you've picked your main keyword you can find out the LSI keywords under the results you found and sort by relevance.

5. Write articles for your blog that are original and try to update your blog. If you're serious about success, you'll find the time or outsource the blogging to ghostwriters or virtual assistants.

6. Add meta tags to each of your blog posts including, title, description, and keywords. Have the title keywords closely match the blog post title. And set up categories using keywords, placing blog posts in these categories.

7. Become a backlinking expert or hire someone to do your blog linking work for you. You'll want to make sure they're high quality backlinks otherwise your wasting your time and money.

8. Once your blog is set up with quality posts, register it with various search engines.

Being search engine friendly will eventually bring you the mother-load of visitors and cash flow. If you want a lot of quality blog visitors, your SEO efforts will be the key to your success.

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