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Affiliate Black Book Launched Friday the 13th

Proves X Marks the Spot


The affiliate marketing industry is growing in an exponential rate as many people enter for extra income. The Affiliate Black Book taps into the series of in-depth strategies and tactics to help experienced as well as inexperienced marketers reach a level of success in a matter of weeks.


Affiliate marketing has a new face, fresh and ready to help thousands of affiliate marketers build a residual income from home. As this $250 million dollar industry grows each year, more affiliate marketers are in need of detailed instructions of how to dominate niches across the board. Hence a master of affiliate marketing, known in the industry as simply “X,” wants to prove an important point: his methods are the best in each facet of building a profitable business.


“Introducing the Affiliate Black Book kindles a fire burning in the minds of inexperienced marketers while setting flames to the hearts of those who struggle to make ends meet with their current methods,” said X.


The Affiliate Black Book takes basic principles and catapults their strategies to create an unparalleled mix of ideas no other leading marketer can attempt. X marks the spot by introducing all of these secrets to thousands while saving time, money, and energy learning a ‘curve.’ His infamous mark of placing ordinary techniques into extraordinary motives has helped inexperienced affiliate marketers climb the ranks in no time.


The affiliate marketing industry is expected to exceed its $250 million dollar mark by 2012, which is right around the corner. In creating the Affiliate Black Book, X emphasizes the details of finding new ways to do ordinary marketing, “It’s the marketer’s responsibility to take hold of the info as an extreme curve in making money online.”


According to X, he states in his sales page to prospective buyers, “When you read this material, you will know - without a shadow of doubt - who the master is. The frauds will be revealed and exposed for who they are.”


No doubt about the purpose of his reinvention of affiliate marketing, it can change the world of business for the internet marketing based businesses struggling in this recession. Many a hardcore marketer will seek the information available to redeem issues surrounding sales or lack thereof due to constant changes in methods.


The Affiliate Black Book is one of a kind. Affiliate marketers will learn the basic, advanced, and unforeseen practices of X including:


- How to create urgency on products readily available at anytime.

- Producing high-quality squeeze pages to generate huge lists of subscribers.

- How to redirect other affiliate marketer traffic to your sales pages for sales.

- Create high responsive PPC ads to generate sales.

- Adsense the “X” way to create traffic, generate leads and sell anything on your page.


As many internet marketing businesses fail, many more can stand strong through this terrible recession. If there is anyone available to help struggling marketers get out of a bind, it’s X. The details of the Affiliate Black Book can change the face of marketing forever - all marketers have to do is work hard on the techniques given to achieve success. X marks the spot. Learn more at: and mark the spot – with an X!