Announcing the New Beginnerís Guide to Horse Training Ė Quick and Easy Free Tips


Are you a horse lover? Do you have memories of falling off the back of one while trying to ride it when you were young? Have you restrained yourself from owning one because of the lack of space to keep it?

Well, now that you have a fully functional stable in your home you are ready to own a horse. But what do you do after buying one? How do you train him? Do you have to train yourself first before training your own horse?

Or do you have to spend more money than you already have (on building the stable and buying the horse) on a professional trainer who claims to know his job? You may have no way of knowing how good he is at his job till you are thrown off the back of your own horse!

Think Like a Horse

You can make your horse do all the things that a trained horse is capable of. You can teach him the sense of direction, how to load trailers or simply back up comfortably. However, in order to do this on your own you must understand how the animal thinks. Depending on this knowledge you should plan your actions accordingly.


Read ďThe Beginnerís Guide to Horse TrainingĒ to know all about training your own horse at home without any help from anyone else.

                    This book is the best guide for a beginner seeking to train his or her horse. With a minimum investment in the form of buying this guide you should be able to know almost everything you need to in order to train your horse according to your needs. This requires you to adjust the way you behave and react in case of each activity you train the animal for.


                    Donít confuse the horse by reacting in a different manner to the same action at different times. This defeats the point of training the animal. Horses donít think like other animals, let alone think like humans. Therefore, you must compromise in the way you behave with them if you want them well trained.

Since there are a lot of restrictive actions and reactions that need to get used to by your horse as well as yourself, the process of training the animal might take more time than it would take to train a dog. However, if you can hold up on your side of the bargain your horse should comply to your teachings with time.

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