Checklist for Publicity Success With a Press Release, Ghostwriters and Virtual Assistants

Content is definitely important when you are creating a press release. However, your layout and style is also going to be important. To ensure your release is viewed as credible, it is important to follow the right format for a news release. To make it easy for you, here is a good checklist you can follow for successful publicity.

1 - Start out with the headline. You want a headline that is simple and short. Usually it's best to keep it at 170 characters or shorter. Include your primary keyword in the headline.

2 - Summarize your press release. The very first paragraph should be a summary of the news release and put in italics. Include your main point and why this information is newsworthy and relevant to readers.

3 - Always make sure you include the location and date. This goes right underneath the summary and it is used to begin your opening paragraph. This should include the city and state where your business happens to be located. The date you are releasing the information should also be included.

4 - Now you are ready for the body. It should start right after your location and date, using a dash to separate it. Usually the body has 2-5 short paragraphs, depending on how much information you have to cover. Every paragraph should be short and focus on a particular idea. Make sure it is single spaced, and each paragraph should have one line between it and the next one. And include a keyword for every 100 words, when possible & if it sounds right (don't force it).

5 - Add in company information. This should be a paragraph that offers an overview of your organization or business. You can use the same company information for each press release you write.

6 - Make sure you include contact information so readers can contact you for further information. Usually the contact details include name, telephone number, website URL, email address and other relevant contact information.

7 - Write a fresh release. Don't write releases that look like every other release. A fresh approach will help you keep the attention of readers.

8 - Don't be afraid to get help. Experienced ghostwriters and virtual assistants can help write your releases, publish them to your website or blog, and submit them to media contacts and media sites for publication consideration, online and off.

Follow this checklist each time you write a new release. And schedule at least one press release each month to keep your products, services and branding out there in the news!


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