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New Outsourcing with Virtual Assistant Affiliate Marketing Program Features Earning With Recurring Programs & Store Purchases


ESupport Club Offers PT & FT Earning Potential With New Affiliate Program


Hilliard, OH – With the rapidly growing interest in affiliate marketing, an online business model that allows virtually anyone with an internet connection or email to begin making an income by marketing another company's products or services, affiliate sales topped $6.4 billion USD in 2006, according to Marketing Sherpa’s report*.   And affiliate marketing is still growing strong.


“The investment in time and money needed to get started in this type of affiliate business is minimal, leading more and more newly minted online entrepreneurs into the field each day,” said Jenny White, virtual assistant team leader at Moving Ahead with Esupport Club.  “As these business people become successful, they often find themselves in need of some assistance and begin outsourcing some of their own workload to other professionals known as virtual assistants.”


Known simply as eSupport Club, the Hilliard-based company is the dynamic, interactive, ecommerce membership site of Moving Ahead Communications (MAC). They specialize in virtual assistant (VA) services and have introduced a new affiliate marketing program. The program is to both promote their own very popular services, while at the same time offer potential income streams to affiliate marketers.


"Diana Barnum (president of MAC) and her team never cease to amaze me with the quality of work they provide or their attention to detail. We've used Diana's team for both content creation and VA tasks for a while now and will continue to for a long time to come. They are just great!" said Don Schnure,


The company's eSupport Club services are already a well known name among businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. With a large and loyal built in following, their new affiliate program offers an excellent opportunity for part time or full time income generation, especially for work at home entrepreneurs.


Virtual Assistant Affiliate Program Focus


Already attracting a great deal of interest and participation, the affiliate program is designed to:


1) Allow affiliates to reap the benefits of marketing the services of a well established company which is already a popular choice among online businesses.


2) Be an easy way for all levels or marketers to participate & build a profitable business quickly & easily.


3) Offer recurring and additional sales revenue.


Learn more and sign up to be an affiliate marketer at Moving Ahead with eSupport Club at: 24/7.  


eSupport Club Free Downloads


Readers and website guests are invited to download some freebies, a growing library of tools and other resources for business start up and growth. They can head to the “Free Stuff” link in eSupport Club’s navigational menu at: .


For more information about Moving Ahead with eSupport Club, contact the company at 3288 Darby Glen Blvd, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Call toll-free: (877) 833-0926 or visit them at: . Listen to their free podcasts and view helpful videos on their blog at:  24/7.    



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