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New Effective Daily Workout 4 Secrets with Harvard Research, A Must Read


You are only 10 minutes per day away from having the body you dream of and the energy levels you crave…



Köln, Germany  January 21, 2010 - The Effective Daily Workout website at: has announced that it is now giving away a brand new ebook that goes by the same title as the website. The “Effective Daily Workout” ebook has been written to address the concerns of busy professionals or parents who have long been afraid or frustrated by the idea that they don't have sufficient time to get in the workouts they need in order to lose unwanted pounds or become leaner and sexier.


In the ebook, you will discover that you can exercise for just 10 minutes per day and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Yes, in 10 minutes per day you can get down to your ideal body weight and become stronger, more energized, and sexier. The secret is simply knowing the right exercises to do in those 10 daily minutes. And believe it or not, that is not knowledge that you will find just anywhere. Most so-called "fitness experts" try to sell you on methods, diets and equipment that you would waste your money or time on. They have false ideas about how to get lean and fit, false ideas which they pass off on you. And too many people are put off by this, or they try these useless methods and when they don't work they give up on their fitness goals in despair.


In the “Effective Daily Workout” ebook, however, you will be taught secrets of getting and staying lean without starvation or monkish self-denial that include:


  1. The most effective 10-minute workout routine for you.
  2. Using your mind to shape and build your body.
  3. The most common workout mistakes that you must avoid.
  4. The fast and truly effective way to lose belly fat.


You might think that it's crazy to believe that in just 10 minutes per day, you can become as fit as you've always wished you were, and look the way you wish to look. But this is not only possible--it is actually what really works.

In a nutshell, basically the only people who need to work out for more than 10 minutes per day are competitive athletes. For most people, not only will working out more than that be completely useless while it makes them miserable, but even worse it can be very harmful.


What Harvard Research Proves


As clinical research studies by knowledgeable professionals have proven conclusively**, doing aerobic "cardio" work, with sessions that typically last 45 minutes at a time, does not help most people lose weight, and furthermore over time it actually causes them physical harm. For instance, Harvard Health once studied more than 7,000 people and decisively concluded that the key to protecting your heart and increasing your metabolism is not endurance, but intensity. Furthermore, they demonstrated that the more intense someone's exertion during their workouts, the lower their risk of heart disease.


Then in another one of their studies, the team compared vigorous exercise with light exercise, and found that those who engaged in the more vigorous, intense exercise had a lower risk of death than those who engaged in the less vigorous exercise. A healthier heart and a lowered risk of death necessarily mean the shedding of unwanted pounds, greater energy levels, and a sexier body. "Low impact aerobics" are low impact in more ways than one!


So, the secret is getting out--when it comes to working out and getting the body you want, less (time) is more. That's why you need to check out the “Effective Daily Workout” ebook and discover what you can do for just 10 minutes per day to get you the physique you fantasize about.


The authors of this ebook are giving it away for free right now, when you sign up with their website. But, this is just a limited-time offer. So if you are a busy professional, a busy parent, or just someone who has been frustrated to tears with your previous workout attempts,  learn all about your 'Effective Daily Workout' for free before it's too late. Visit: Effective Daily Workout for more information. And get on the road to better fitness and health once and for all.



**Lee I, et al. "Relative intensity of physical activity and risk of coronary heart disease." Circulation. 2003 Mar 4;107 (8):1110-6. "Exercise intensity and longevity in men. The Harvard Alumni Health Study." JAMA. 1995 Apr 19;273(15):1179-84.







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