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“Every Day is Saturday” New Wave Hits Masses Online!


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Cincinnati, OH – Enough with negative messages about the economy, bad mortgages, job loss, etc. The new wave message is, “Every day is Saturday!” according to Sam Crowley, massive transition specialist, motivational and keynote speaker with his new online presence at:  .


His message centers around an, ‘Every Day Is Saturday’ story he shares with attendees in his workshops and teleconferences, online and off. In the story, he describes in detail a cold autumn night when his daughter Madeline asked, “Is tomorrow Saturday, Daddy?”


Sam had just arrived home from another 12 hour work day and was exhausted. When he asked why she wanted to know, her response was the impetus for, “…Because Saturdays are the only days we spend time together.”


His explanation that at the moment every day could not be Saturday, but sometime soon it could be, kicked his own business and personal life into gear, spreading the new message that’s taking off. Crowley’s message takes audiences through the ups and downs of finding their own ‘champions within,’ leaving each person with a blueprint to make every day Saturday.


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To learn more about Crowley’s inspiring, motivational and empowering messages, people are invited to visit his website and sign up for his free teleseminars. He discussed development blueprints, action-taking, monetizing methods & more.


He’s also available via an online video appearance on the FOX Morning Show in Cincinnati, Ohio. Watch at: on your computer.



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