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Many online marketers aren’t letting tight budgets and economic swings interfere with their business start up and growth. Instead, they are taking charge and reaching out to a popular new free traffic exchange program called Traffic Witch. With membership programs ranging from free to paid, companies of all sizes can quickly and easily register, enter their website links and jumpstart plenty of traffic to their site in minutes.


“Increased website traffic means increased leads, clicks and eventually buyers overall,” said Guido Nussbaum, owner / operator of Traffic Witch, a manual (not automated) program online at: . “Manual traffic exchanges with member programs for all budgets are favored by many established online businesses.”


In a nutshell, manual traffic exchange programs present platforms for interconnecting business owners. The owners sign up and share website links with other member-owners, resulting in traffic exchanges.


In the traffic exchanging relationship, members receive increased visits to their websites as well as additional sign-ups or leads for each other. The leads are generated when members sign up for generally free offers presented by their fellow program members like free reports, trial offers, ebooks, CDs and other goodies.


About Traffic Witch


Established only since November 25, 2008, Traffic Witch has already serviced more than 10,000 members since its first month of operation. Recent stats on this popular interactive site include the following. The site:


- Currently takes over 75,000+ hits a day (total)

- Boasts many members already reporting successful results

- Is ranked in the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges since its beginning

- Is supported by many top Industry Leaders

- Has received the Award of Excellence by Jon Olsons’s HitExchangeNews

- Earned the Surfer’s Choice Award

- Remains under the protection of HitsConnect ad tracking


How the Traffic Witch Program Works


Quick and easy steps help business people recover the hundreds and thousands of subscribers and referrals that are often otherwise left on the web-table each month:


Step 1) Register for free and enter your URL.


Step 2) Verify your own site by clicking on a hyperactive link in your member area. Then once confirmed, start visiting and reviewing other member sites for a minimum of ten seconds and then get credit for your participation.  


Step 3) Use your credits for other promotions for yourself, like extra text or banner ads.


Step 4) Upgrade your services, learn more about how the program runs, and participate in other program areas for more growth.


Free Gift Access


To start or grow your own business in 2009 and beyond, Traffic Witch invites you to register for free at: and start receiving your share of increased traffic, clicks, leads / sign-ups and ultimately potential sales. Take charge and join fellow successful members.