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HIPPA Exams Launches New Courses


HIPPA Exams launches its new courses for the benefit of students. They have been offering cost-effecting and yet quality healthcare training to thousands of aspirants since 2004. Moreover, since 2002, their flagship website has been offering JCAHO training. And to date, the training group has issued over 10,000 certificates of completion that have been accepted with open arms at leading healthcare network and other vendor credentialing service.


Recently HIPPA Exams has launched a number of new courses that have been added to their long list of courses for which they provide training. These include:



All these courses are developed by Donna Atherton RN, MSN, an NP who has over 17 years of experience in her field. Once you sign up for a course, you get free access to the training program and all its updates for life.


Some of the other new courses being offered are Body Mechanics, Electrical Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Improve The Accuracy Of Patient Identification, Eliminate Wrong Site, Patient, Procedure Surgery, Fire Safety Management Plan, Latex Allergy, Incidence Reporting, Improve The Accuracy Of Patient Identification, Improve The Effectiveness Of Clinical Alarm Systems, Improve The Safety Of Using High-Alert Medications, Improve The Safety Of Using Infusion Pumps, Infection Control, Life Safety, Medical Equipment Management And Abuse, Assault And Neglect. See their website for other titles.


More Features & Benefits


The best part of all the courses offered by HIPPA Exams is that you get unlimited time to complete the course. You get unlimited number of chances to attempt the test and pass it. Also, being a subscriber you can reprint your certificate any number of times. You can even benefit from the option of instantly printing or downloading the Nationally Recognized Certificate.


Also, note the following features and benefits of HIPAA Exams:


To learn more, visit HIPAA Exams online at: or call them at: toll free: 888-362-2288; postal mail them at: HIPAA Exams, Box 111, 2765 Tamarac Street, Denver, CO 80238.