How To Come Up With Hot Press Release Headlines

Hopefully you already know that the headline is one of the most important components of your press release. In fact, it can make or break your success right from the get go with your release, so it's crucial to make a winning one. Still, that can be easier said than done. But stress not! Use the following ideas and tips to make sure that all of your press release headlines are hot, hot, hot!

- Tie-ins With Trends and News: How does your business, product or service tie-in with the latest huge trend or piece of news? Figure out how to do that, and you'll draw the attention of more people who never would have otherwise checked you (or your products, services or business) out.

- Figures and Stats: A quick insert of some related industry statistics or figures is a great way to make a winning headline. That's because people like to see this kind of data, and it's easier on the eyes than a long string of text that's not broken up.

- Emotions: Make people have emotions regarding your headline and you will bring in more readers. Fear is a powerful emotion, if it can be relevant to what you do or protect against, but plenty of other emotions can work wonders. Make people feel something, and they'll want to know more.

- Make a Promise: Make a promise with your press release headline. What will people find out, guaranteed, right away, if they check out your press release? How will the press release and the included information immediately help their lives?

- Announce news: share information about your latest joint venture activities, new partner, new project, case study, testimonial, interview, fundraiser or charity activity, event, holiday tie-in, community service tie-in, webinar, teleseminar, workshop, speaking engagement, social media marketing channel (your new Facebook fan page), etc.

- Free Stuff: people still love to come to the Internet to find freebies. So offer them something: free reports, samples, products or services, software, MP3 downloads, photos / images / graphics, templates, blueprints, coupons, etc.

Press release headlines are all about drawing eyes in and capturing someone's attention. But also remember that you always need to deliver on what the headline is. If you lie about what the release contains, you might bring in more people, but none of them will actually care about what you're saying, and you'll also damage your reputation in the process.

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