HubPages, Squidoo, Article Directories or Content Hubs Like Helium

Article submissions and marketing are among the best things you can do to get traffic to your website. These concepts aren't something new; they have been done for a number of years successfully by all types of websites. But where to place your articles is always the question.

You might want to consider some of the top article directories:

- EzineArticles 
- ArticlesBase, 
- GoArticles

There are also places like:

- Squidoo 
- HubPages 
- eHow 
- Associated Content 
- Helium

Once you get a list of likely places to submit your articles for maximum return, you need to have a submission plan, work on some keyword research to laser focus your articles and get the most visitors who are interested in what you are writing about. Knowing the differences between all of these venues is the first thing you should consider prior to submitting.

1. Squidoo lenses and HubPages are very different from article directories. Both will bring you traffic, but how you submit your articles will be different. Squidoo lenses and HubPages are self-built, and what that means is that you can build these one page websites using your article, but you can also add other things to it including pictures, monetization methods backlinks.

2. Article Directories are where you submit your articles, and wait for them to be approved. Once approved they will be published and go live with a set number of backlinks to your site, usually no pictures and text only. These directories can get a lot of views based on how well you optimize your article for a specific keyword, and can be the perfect tie in to your website. You will usually place one or two links in a Bio or Author's Bio box and maybe one link in the text of the article.

3. Content Hubs are locations where you submit articles or other types of content including videos, photographs or straight content pieces. Some of these places offer a small upfront fee like Yahoo Associated Content and Helium, and they are great places to get exposure for your site. They are also loved by most search engines, so traffic is a natural bi-product of these places.

What you want to accomplish will be the basis for which of these three types of submission platforms you use. Usually, successful article marketers will use a combination of all of them to get as much exposure as possible. They also seek help as needed to grow their business with the help of ghostwriters and virtual assistants for their writing and submission needs.

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