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Kingdom Media, LLC Teams Up with Traffic Geyser (TG) & Offers Free Downloads & Consultation

YouTube and other videos are hot today, with people sharing their favorites 24/7 online and via mobile devices. These videos are not only popular, they help with search engine rank, a major focus of business owners worldwide who seek coveted first-page listings on Google, Yahoo and other top search engines. And Traffic Geyser is here to help businesses reap rewards with video marketing.

“We’ve seen over and over and over again how effectively Traffic Geyser generates search rankings in record time and drives massive traffic and leads for businesses large and small, online and off,” said Mike Koenigs, co-founder of Traffic Geyser (TG).

Offered via subscription service, TG helps people distribute their videos to a variety of video websites, podcast directories and many other places. Members also get unlimited “profiles” which are combinations of different user IDs and passwords to vary their content and submissions.

“The COMBINATION of these sites is what gives your listings enormous strength and staying power,” said Koenigs.

Top features and benefits of TG include the following. TG:


·         Helps in driving massive traffic to businesses, both offline as well as online.

·         Aids in generating foremost search rankings for businesses- local / national / international, in record time.

·         Is affordable to help with today’s economic ups and downs.

·         Is an ace in its class of video syndication services offered presently.

·         Helps you in focusing on the core requirements for running your business.

·         Offers video training guidance for all levels of video marketers from novice to advanced.

·         Is ideal for not just the BIG brands, but anyone from artists, musicians, composers to local shops, schools, associations and even charitable foundations.

·         Is a one of a kind service that exceeds all others in generating backlinks and buzz in a vibrant and viral manner.

More info about TG is at: .


Free Reports and Consultations


Growing business with online TG can definitely help with business outreach, and well known media company Kingdom Media, LLC understands this and wants to help. Teamed up with TG offering a complete line of web marketing services, they are sharing six free downloadable reports. Local businesses can learn how to dominate the first page of Google and more, by heading to: for reports on:


1 – How to be placed on top in the local search visibility in your area.

2 – How to reach mobile phone users using mobile marketing tactics.

3 – How to engage in full video marketing campaigns round the clock.

4 – How to build a list of interested prospects.

5 – How to start effective social marketing campaigns.

6 – How to blog effectively; around 77% of website visitors read blogs.


“We can quickly create an "unfair" competitive advantage for local business owners,” explained the Kingdom Media owner David Barrett. “We deliver new leads and paying customers to local businesses by harnessing the power of web video and new media marketing.”

Free Consultation


For more information and a free new media marketing consultation, visit Kingdom Media, LLC at: or their main site at today.