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There is potential change or transformation in the online visitors of today who visit websites in search of content. Many online visitors who are potential real time customers prefer local searches to global searches. These potential real time customers access local business information which will help them in buying a particular category of product or service. Thus, the behavior of customers who are deliberately looking for online local business information shows variation with a change in the age span.


Here are the statistics based on reports from SMX East (Search Marketing Expo*) to prove it:


Age: 55 and older


56% look online first

41% look offline first


Age: 35 to 54


69% look online first

27% look offline first


Age: 18 to 34


81% look online first

12% look offline first


Research clearly points out that cell phones and social media also form potential sources for seeking local information. The percentage of online visitors searching for secondary local business information is less. This means that potential online visitors come and seek out local business information via many other sources as well, dividing up online visitors who go on and visit different social media websites to acquire information as follows:


56% — company pages (i.e. Facebook pages, social profiles, etc.)

55% — recommendations from friends

48% — via promotions


The expectations of potential online visitors from the local businesses listed on social networking websites are:


81% of consumers want the business to respond to posts/messages (from fans/followers)

78% want to see promotions

74% want to see regular posts

66% want to see pictures.


Thus website visits have evolved from initial days of simply searching for basic textual content in article formats. And content channels continue to expand to not only via multiple content formats, but also via other distribution means like via handheld devices.


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Opting for online marketing can definitely help with business outreach, and well known media company Kingdom Media, LLC understands this and wants to help. They are offering six free downloadable reports on Internet marketing to help businesses dominate the first page of Google. Available at: the reports are as follows:


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•        5 – Start effective social marketing campaigns.

•        6 – Blog; around 77% of website visitors read blogs.


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