Link Building With HubPages and Squidoo Checklist

Using platforms such as HubPages and Squidoo are very advantageous to a website owner who wants to get the word out, and who wants to create back-link campaigns for their websites. Back-links are links coming to a website from other relevant websites; i.e. no website is any good if people don't know that it exists. So this is why back-linking is helpful. Back-linking allows a webmaster to get traffic to his own site from traffic visiting a different site.

In the past, people have done link building activities such as link trades, blog comment posts, forum posts, and social networking posts. All of these things can work, but depending upon what the niche is about, the competition can be very fierce, and the ranking may still fall very low. This is why using HubPages and Squidoo can help if the following tips are followed:

1) Make sure that you create interesting and relevant articles that people want to read. Review many in your niches regularly to keep up to date with what's popular in your industry.

2)  Make sure that you are creating these articles with search engine friendly hyper-linked keywords that lead back to your website. Pull keyword lists regularly using good tools for this like the free Google AdSense Keyword Tool, to stay up to date with what your target audience is searching for online today. And adjust your content focus accordingly.

3) Keep up with your articles and accounts overall. Don't let them die. Update your content, make edits and upgrades to your articles. Keep them fresh.

4) Add plenty of targeted tags so people can find you and interesting modules to your pages. Popular modules are YouTube videos, images, RSS feeds, recommended link blocks and others. Check each site & network with fellow HubPages and Squidoo members for suggestions, networking among members for ideas, too, especially in your niche.

5) Keep creating new pages, and make sure that the links and the keywords are relevant to the website that you are promoting. And get help as needed from good ghostwriters and virtual assistants, to publish on a regular basis.

It can't be stated enough that the key to this method is that the articles, the keywords and the other content on the HubPages and Squidoo sites must be relevant to the content on the websites that are being promoted. Google doesn't like the lack of relevancy, and your time will be wasted otherwise.

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