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Jazz up your Seder with the New Shekelaire Passover Trivia Game for Just $5 ― Instant Download


Armonk, NY - February 3, 2012 – PublishingGold announces the launch of its new Passover trivia game, Shekelaire, available for only $5 at: The Shekelaire Passover Trivia Game will add fun and excitement to your next Passover Seder or be a great Hebrew School teaching tool. Shekelaire trivia questions focus on Seder symbols, notable numbers, locations of significance, and much more. The game covers all the key Passover topics and even little and often overlooked or forgotten nuances.

This game is fun and interesting, and also helps both younger and older children and adults learn more about the Seder and history of the Passover story. Some 32 standard questions and 7 bonus questions engage the Seder participants in an exciting game that tests wits and knowledge.

The game leads to an interactive dialogue and refreshes one's memory and understanding of the significance of the Seder and Passover. Scoring is kept in shekels and answers are provided for all questions. Questions like, “What does the egg symbolize?” and “Where did the Jews stay for 40 years after leaving Egypt?” help children gain a better understanding about Judaism while giving them a lifetime of useful knowledge on the Seder traditions and the Passover story. Seder participants will have loads of fun with this clever game.

Shekelaire is the cool Passover trivia game that children will love and adults will find just as enjoyable. Jazz up your Seder with this cool game right now.

For more information on the new Shekelaire Passover Trivia Game and how to purchase it, visit