Notable Newsworthy Press Release Topics and Tips

A well written press release is an excellent promotional tool that is affordable to just about any business today. When creating a press release, you need to ensure that you offer content that is unique, informative, interesting, useful and timely. If you're new to writing a press release, deciding on what your content should focus on may be difficult. Just about any interesting business news can be turned into a good story for one of these releases.

To help you choose your content angle, here are some great topics to consider using:

1 - Offering a new service or product

2 - Providing information free, such as a white paper, newsletter or ebook

3 - Receiving a new award as a company or an individual

4 - Offering new shipping rates or free shipping to customers

5 - Contributing to a charity

6 - Upgrading a website or creating a brand new one

7 - Changing the name of the company

8 - Changing the name of a product

9 - Announcing an appearance to media

10 - The anniversary of an important company date

11 - Relocating or opening up another office

12 - Hosting a teleseminar or seminar

13 - Providing new information about the industry you're involved in

14 - Hosting a new sweepstakes or contest

15 - Speaking for a seminar or conference

16 - Changes in personnel

17 - Offering new sales for a holiday

18 - Celebrating big milestone accomplishments

19 - Taking steps to go green

20 - Offering stock options

21 - Highlighting new promotions

22 - Inspirational business stories

23 - Information on new market trends that have an effect upon your business

24 - Business related tips to help customers

25 - New polls, research, surveys and / or studies in the market place

26 - Information on new trends in technology that affect your industry

27 - Case studies and customer success stories

28 - Endorsements by celebrities or public figures

29 - Debunking common industry myths

30 - Milestones in customer acquisition.

These are only a few of the topics that you can use when writing your own press release. No matter the size of your business, you are sure to find a good topic you can use when writing, publishing and distributing a press release.

Top Tip: Outsourcing the Work to Ghostwriters and Virtual Assistants

While choosing topics like any of those above, and sitting down to actually write the release may sound daunting, stress not. There are plenty of good, affordable ghostwriters around to write your news release for you. Check popular forums and article directories, for starters. Or head to freelance bid sites like Elance or Odesk.

Same thing for press release publishing and distribution: get plenty of good, affordable virtual assistants to help publish your release to your own site or blog. And then have them also submit it to online media sites, local media and other media lists, as needed.


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