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Ohio Help Group's Personal Virtual Assistants Outsourcing Team Shares

Free Ghostwriting Do's and Don'ts Guide & Podcast



Ghostwriters now have the chance to overcome their common mistakes with the aid of these Virtual Assistants


Ghostwriting is an activity that is rewarding when mastered, but many times the quality of the work falls short because of writing errors, resulting in poorly crafted articles, reports, ebooks and other works. To help enhance quality to the project works as well as bring guidance to aspiring ghostwriters, the Hilliard, Ohio-based Ohio Help Group offers a ghost-hand via a free ghostwriting guide, available on the web at: as a downloadable Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format ) 24/7.


“Get a short 2-page PDF document and learn about 14 common errors that show up in many ghostwritten documents,” said Diana Barnum, CEO of the Ohio Help Group. “Also three short steps to success for your ghostwriting endeavors are included.”


An accompanying complimentary podcast is also available with the guide’s info. The audio file presents Marnie L. Pehrson, creator of and owner of C.E.S. Business Consultants, interviewing Diana Barnum, founder and president of Moving Ahead Communications, working in partnership with the Ohio Help Group, offering outsourcing services via personal virtual assistants to help individuals and companies start and grow their businesses with customized (often ghostwritten –shh!) products and services.


About the Guide & Podcast


Presenting simple do’s and don’ts, the guide covers topics for beginning through advanced professional ghostwriters. Some of the highlights include:


- Creative ways to use keywords in order to make better titles.

- Punctuation tips.

- Eye appeal.



Moving Ahead Communications and the personal assistants behind Ohio Help Group receive universal praise from all kinds of writers around the country. Some considered the free information to be an “over-delivery and then some*” since people find that their services help in not only starting but growing their businesses.


“Ghostwriting is growing in popularity as a great way to make some extra money, even a full time living and grow a business,” explained Barnum. “But as with any industry, continuing education can be a plus.”


About the Ohio Help Group


The Ohio Help Group is a group that aids companies of all sizes and individuals in the fields of writing and marketing, giving emphasis to the different online marketing techniques available. Because many of their goals have an online approach, another group known as Moving Ahead Communications partners up with the Ohio Help Group to bring more marketing techniques to the masses.


The duo’s combined focus with this free guide is on content writing as this has been proven by many expert marketers to be an effective way to get messages across and spread brand awareness. The guide is to help business start-ups and growth for long term commitment to quality and client needs.



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Further information contact the Ohio Help Group, C/O 3288 Darby Glen Blvd, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Visit them online at: or call toll-free: (877) 833-0926. Listen to their free podcasts and view helpful videos on their blog at: 24/7. 



* See the Testimonials page of Moving Ahead Communications for many pages scrolled of customer comments.