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The Ohio Help Group Offers Free Downloads & New Fresh, Original Article Bundles in Response to Internet Marketing Google Algorithms Evolution


The recent changes in Google algorithms have noticeably started rattling many online businesses in a big way. Many business websites that were slow in the search engine rankings have found their places at the top after new search algorithm adjustments were carried out by Google. However, there have been overwhelming negative affects to other business websites that were earlier doing pretty well.

In a nutshell, the Online Publishers Association, a group comprised of content producers, guesstimates that the algorithm shuffling has resulted in the shifting of a whopping $1 billion in annual revenue. In short, Google’s algorithm adjustment has placed high stakes in the Google-placement game where on the average:

-     Top position on their search engine generally attracts 20% to 30% of the page's clicks.

-     Numbers 2 to 3 positions typically generate 5% to 10% of the clicks.

-     All the lower positions on page one report receiving around 15 clicks from the internet audience. 

-     Positions from the second page on fail to attract user attention.


Reportedly, Google’s tweak has seriously affected the content farm directories like,, and Yahoo's (YHOO, Fortune 500) Associated Content, as the online traffic to these websites have dropped surprisingly by more than 75%. Another important interesting fact to note is that Demand Media (DMD) -- one of the most oft-criticized content farms and its most prominent site,, showed massive increases in the traffic after Google’s algorithmic change.

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As research points out that an estimated 62% of consumers pay for original digital content, article bundles are used by many online publishing companies to attract audiences to their website to increase clicks, leads and ultimately sales.

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