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The Ohio Help Group Offers Linkvana 2.0 Upgrade Bundle & Free Downloads

When it comes to hiring a backlink service provider for your website, prepare to do some homework, as there are numerous choices available today. Targeted search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to take it to the desired ranking isnt easy.

No matter what anyone tells you the key to achieving solid rank for your websites is 10% on-page optimization (content on your pages) and 90% off-page optimization, said Dave Kelly, owner of Linkvana, online at: In other words, the key to top search engine rankings is garnering quality, one-way, in-bound LINKS! And lots of them.

Getting the desired results that complement your investment is always not possible. To get one-way active backlinks, a website often requires a lot of work to keep up with competitors and keep up with algorithm changes in Google to find what works well not only today but tomorrow with link building and page rank. For example, if you are patient enough, you can use some good article directories and other sources with a high PR that allow you to place your content and link with it. After a span of time you get few backlinks in your pocket.

Linkvana is one such backlink service provider that enables the publishing and hence linking of fragments of original and unique content that is managed by you and relevant to the theme of your website. These snippets are linked to a network of quality blogs; this is in turn creates a considerable number of backlinks for your website. And Linkvanas recent updates offer more improved link building services than ever before.

Network Updates:

"I'm ALREADY seeing results, said Terry Edwards, Linkvana user. I am loving Linkvana. I've been working some of my older sites with adding links in the system and I'm ALREADY seeing results. In fact, I've went from page 2 to position 6 on page 1 for one very nice keyword in an affiliate niche. And that was with only 8 posts. I see a LOT of potential.

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To help with link building, The Ohio Help Group offers their Blog Postings SEO: One-Way Links service where they write, link and enter posts into the Linkvana blog system. This is for companies and individuals who want to increase their keyword links, saving a minimum of $147 - $197 a month on their own Linkvana subscription, plus additional money per post for more expensive content outsourcing via the Linkvana team.

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