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Alert: Top Marketing / Public Relations, Ghostwriting & VA Tasks - See what other internet marketers are doing!


The Ohio Help Group, a full service ghostwriting and virtual assistants firm, has released their annual Top Tasks list of some of the most requested ghostwriter & virtual assistant (VA) tasks in the current online market place today. The list is specific to The Ohio Help Group & Moving Ahead Communications, working together in partnership since 1984. However, a trend can be seen in the overall types of virtual tasks that small and mid-sized businesses need and often outsource.


“Content creation & marketing is very popular,” said Diana Barnum, CEO of The Ohio Help Group. “And not just articles but also press releases, videos, photos, podcasts, blog posts and other types of content – i.e. keeping a fresh flow of all types of multimedia circulating on a regular basis is important today for individuals and businesses.”


The Top Tasks list allows other public relations and marketing consultants an insider’s look at what types of services they may want to consider outsourcing.  For instance, some of the popular top tasks include Craigslist posting work, grant research, SEO ghostwriting and revising old marketing materials. Some of the more interesting items on the list include eBay auctions, the creation of public domain works and the creation of digital products such as DVDs for marketing.


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The teaming up of The Ohio Help Group with Moving Ahead Communications to publish this annual list demonstrates a renewed commitment each year on behalf of both companies to keep up with the ever-changing market place of their clients and what they will do to meet the needs of those clients. A link to the Top Tasks list is at:  where visitors are invited to bookmark the page to keep up with updates each year.


“We offer marketing / public relations, ghostwriting and virtual assistant services, AKA business support services, that often include VA tasks often packaged with all types of content creation and Internet marketing bundled together,” said Barnum. “In short, we not only make products, we help market them!”


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