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Moving Ahead by Outsourcing with a Virtual Assistant & Team


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HILLIARD, OHIO - Continuing the progress of their vision to provide remote support to companies and individuals seeking success in their businesses, Moving Ahead Communications unveils their, “Accelerated Business Building Wholesale Package” i.e. Virtual Assistant and Team program. This dynamic program includes a personal assistant and team, and powerfully aligns its visions and goals with those of the client.


“I used Moving Ahead Communications' services for several months and must say I was very impressed. Every job I assigned to them was completed timely and was of very high quality,” said Dave Kelly, Arundel Net Inc. “Diana (the team manager) stayed in contact daily, always providing everything I needed. Not once was a deadline missed.”


A Customized Approach


Customization is the name of the game when it comes to content, products, services, and business support. Whatever the preferences is, a personalized package will be generated by the dedicated team with all content and products made having the private label rights (PLR) status, if so desired. These products are geared for deployment and from there, the process is automated where the products do all the talking.



Virtual Assistant & Team Concept


Moving Ahead Communications is aware of the difficulties in managing multiple people to do certain tasks like writing, blogging, tracking, linking, etc. The “Accelerated Business Building Wholesale Package” offers a “fix” for this by having a virtual assistant who serves as the project manager handling all project aspects. The virtual assistant can start things off immediately with all tasks ranging from beginning research through administrative tasks to technical skills and marketing and others assorted in the mix, while the client focuses on other business areas.


“Diana and her team are terrific. They move fast and produce good work,” said said Bj Moorer, “Customer service is awesome. I was very skeptical at first but I am so pleased with the quality of the work delivered to me. Excellent job, Diana and team!”


Money Saving Deal


The entire Virtual Assistant and Team package can be purchased on an hourly rate or on a more popular monthly basis that results in up to 10 to 25 percent savings. Ordering is quick and easy, right online. And the user may cancel at anytime without fear of long term commitments.


Among the features and benefits are:


• Full help and support from the team of virtual assistants ranging from technical to creative support and more. No more hiring multiple people.


• An experienced, hands-on manager for your team who works along with them,  cracks the whip and reports regularly. No more wondering if your project is in progress.


• Customized services and products complete with private label and other rights.


• No expensive start-up fees, set-up and other costs and no paperwork. There are fees; payments go right to work for you. No contracts. Pay month to month. Cancel at any time.


The “Accelerated Business Building Wholesale Package” does exactly what the name implies. It accelerates your online and offline business income generation by building a complete package that is fully branded and can be profited from 24/7. Customization features combined with internet marketing and current trends know-how make this Virtual Assistant and Team program a driving option for any business at any stage.


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