Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants - 5 Major Avenues for Growing Your Business Today


Whether you have a blog, personal website or hopes of running a successful online internet marketing business, you need to spread the word about your products and services, and share what your company is all about. In a nutshell, you can put forth all of the effort needed to build your site and create blog posts and get everything else up and running, but without exposure, you've got nothing.

The formula for success? A consistent marketing effort through both online and offline promotions is the success solution. To help with your promotions, here are five major avenues of focus.

1. Online Social Media & Website Presence - If you don't already have at least a basic website or blog and some social media presence, it's time to think about setting up shop online and branching out a little. Publish information about who you are, where you are located, offering Contact Us details, what you are selling, and something about your products and services. Also set up free accounts on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media network popular to your niche or field. Add these social media widgets to your blog and home page of your website, too, so other people can find you and interact. Post random facts and interesting pieces of information without sounding too "pushy" each day or so on your social media accounts and reach out to interact with others. You also want to publish content to your blog and website regularly as well. Post links, pictures, videos, etc. for best results.

2. Offline - If you want to maximize your profits offline as well, be sure to advertise your business or blog by other means such as via phone, word-of-mouth at local, regional and other event, via flyers, and business cards. You will be amazed at how much traffic you begin to pick up. You don't have to practice offline marketing every day. Some three or four times per week is highly recommended - at least until you've started to obtain a satisfactory amount of web traffic.

3. Seeking Help - If you're unable to keep up with your daily tasks and outreach, consider outsourcing, the hiring of a virtual assistant or team of them as you grow your business. Fortunately, virtual assistants are highly experienced and ready to help out with all sorts of tasks in affordable budget ranges from ghostwriting to data entry and much more.

4. Classified Ads - Never underestimate the power of the classified advertising, in the online and offline world. You can place ads online as well as offline in your local papers, in print magazines and in other places. When placing your ads, be sure to place as many as possible that fit in your budget, updating your ads once every few weeks, or posting new ones every month or as often as needed.

Don't give up if you don't obtain loads of traffic overnight, as the effort involved in getting good results may take a little bit of time. The key is to stay as persistent as you can. Think of the results of your efforts. Once you've started obtaining traffic, try not to ease off, but simply continue to utilize different marketing techniques so that you maintain a consistent amount of traffic.

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