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PaymentMax Now Allows Merchants To Accept Payments Via iPhone And Verizon Droid


Popular Merchant Services Provider Now Permits Payments Made Through

Popular Mobile Devices


Thousand Oaks, California  - Thousand Oaks, California  - The merchant payment services firm PaymentMax has announced that their service is now accepting payments made using the popular Apple iPhone and Verizon Droid mobile devices. With smartphones having become ubiquitous, and these models leading market share among merchants, it's business-boosting news to a growing number of reps and owners who sell on the go.


"At PaymentMax, we're always trying to make our services more available, more efficient and just as importantly, more convenient to merchants,” said company spokesman Max Payton. “It seems everyone has an iPhone now, so it just made sense to expand into mobile devices like this and the Verizon Droid to make it even easier to use our services and to proactively support our customer's changing needs."


PaymentMax already supports the First Data FD400 wireless terminal, and the addition of iPhone and Droid support to the company's offerings greatly

advances the usability of the company's already widely used merchant payment processing services. With a PaymentMax account, these smartphones become

handheld wireless credit card terminals which transmit data instantly and securely, requiring no additional hardware to be purchased and managed.


The news that PaymentMax can turn your iPhone into a credit card terminal is consistent with the company's mission to offer customers time-and-money-saving benefits like its a single statement for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express transactions — support queries for these different credit cards can all be resolved through a single merchant services support line. With the company's well known next-day payment processing services now made mobile through smartphone support, PaymentMax has again managed to build a better mousetrap before its customers had even begun to clamor for one. Deep attentiveness to the needs of their client base has gained this company thousands upon thousands of loyal customers and has definitely made it one industry business to watch.


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PaymentMax has provided a video presentation explaining their new iPhone and Droid payment services on their website at:


About PaymentMax


Since 2004, PaymentMax has been a leader in merchant payment processing services. PaymentMax works with thousands of retail, mail order, telephone

order, restaurant, service, wireless and delivery businesses of all sizes and provides their clients with the opportunity to process credit card

payments at an affordable price, while providing customer service and support around the clock.


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Name: Max Payton

Address: PO Box 3847, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

Phone: 800-979-0210