Popular Positive HubPages and Squidoo Points

For the last five years, Hub Pages and Squidoo have proven to be authorities when it comes to writing backlinking articles for article directories. When these venues first started, people posted articles to earn money directly from their content. They would compose and publish these articles on these venues, and then they would earn money through a system of revenue sharing. The companies that own these sites would pay the authors a percentage of the revenues that they earned, based on the number of visitors that visited these sites.

Now, these article directories are used for backlinking purposes. Webmasters and business owners have realized that they can get lots of free advertising for their websites in this way. They can do so by creating keyword and content rich articles. If you are a business owner, or a webmaster, then setting up accounts with HubPages and with Squidoo is free, and very easy to accomplish.

Here is a look at some positive points in creating accounts with these services:

- They are free. Yes, this was mentioned, but it bears repeating.

- They are very user-friendly. Just create articles in several paragraphs with headings, copy, paste, and publish your article.

- They are popular with Google right now. This means possibly good ranking and more visitor traffic for you.

- You can personalize them to a point. Squidoo and HubPages both allow HTML, but if that isn't your thing, HubPages offers an easier template to use.

The key in using both of these platforms for backlinking purposes is that the content must be search engine friendly, keyword rich, and relevant to the website being marketed. For example, if your website sells electronics, then don't write articles about your love of knitting, and then insert links to your electronics website. Google doesn't like that, and you will get a low ranking, killing your backlinking efforts.

If you need help writing your content or even learning how to set up your hubs and lenses, adding keywords links, images, other modules and more, don't be afraid to get help. Find plenty of good freelance contractors out there in Internet marketing forums and at contractor sites. Review their websites, work samples, testimonials from clients and other portfolio info they have, review rates and project work, then give web helpers a try, especially reaching out with more than one lens and hub. Get more than one of each underway so you can crank them out on a regular basis.

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