Powerful Press Releases of the Past

One of the most important parts of a press release is the opening line. After all, the opening line is what grabs the attention of readers in the first place. However, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what headlines will grab the interest of readers.


But stress not! Here is a look at some powerful press releases of the past. Learn from their headlines and then learn some important tips that will enable you to write powerful releases yourself.


Top Releases


A) "Skyfire Launches Skyfire Browser 2.1 and Passes over 500,000 Users on Android in First Six Weeks"


- This release was a top release because it associates itself with a popular service or product. Association with a popular service or product can create top performing headlines for you too.


B) "Christmas Gift Ideas - World's Most Experience Christmas Gift Idea List for 2007 from Trippon's"


- This release is powerful because it doesn't limit itself by using a date with the main keyword. It uses a concept and keyword that is evergreen, allowing it to continue to perform years later.


C) "Fushiqi Ball Poised to be Bigger than Snuggies, X-Box"


- Even if you have a new service or product, calling out competition that is popular can help you get views for your release.


Tips to Writing Powerful Releases


Now that you've seen some of the most powerful releases from the past, you may be wondering how you can write powerful releases yourself. Here are several writing tips that can help.


1 - Start out with a compelling lead statement. That lead statement decides whether readers will go on to read the rest of your press release. Take time to create a compelling lead that draws in readers, making them want to read even more.


2 - Offer information that meets the needs of your audience. People want to read about things that address their needs and interests. Decide on the target audience you want for your release. Then, write content specifically for that group, catering to their needs & interests.


3 - Make sure that your release shows relevance to those reading it. People don't always know why the document is important to them. When writing a headline or a lead, make sure that readers can quickly realize why the information is important and relevant.


You too can write powerful press releases. Learn from other powerful news releases, and use these tips for great results.


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