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Realtor Offers 24/7 Help to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Condo Buyers and Sellers


Realtor Sandy Bakst Announces, An Online Resource For Cincinnati-Area Condo Buyers, Sellers


(Cincinnati, Ohio)  September 15, 2009 - There's no denying that while things are finally starting to look up in the wake of the last two years' economic storm, the housing market could certainly be a little better shape than it is now. Of course, a soft housing market means one very important thing to prospective condo buyers and property investors looking to buy a condo in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky: a great deal and a great return on this investment in the future.


Of course, things may not look so great at the moment for those owners who are looking to sell Northern Kentucky condos or properties in the Cincinnati area. As longtime Cincinnati realtor Sandy Bakst tells us, it isn't that there aren't buyers, just that buyers and sellers can have a hard time finding each other, which led Bakst to hit on an idea. He put the information that Cincinnati home and condo buyers and sellers needed on his website and almost immediately started to see the results.

"I was hearing from a lot of people looking to buy Cincinnati condos for sale and buyers interested in Northern Kentucky investment properties,” said Sandy Bakst. “In fact, I was hearing the same stories again and again in the course of my work as a realtor - buyers were sometimes finding it hard to get in touch with owners of condos for sale in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky who were willing to deal with investors."


Bakst continued, explaining how online tools help his target audience.


"Even in a pretty healthy region like the Cincinnati area, real estate can be a tricky market, especially if you're new to the ideal of purchasing investment properties. Of course, the softening of the market and falling prices has meant that there are more people than ever before who want to get involved; so I hear these kinds of stories and field more questions than I ever have before - so I set up as a way for these people to access the resources they need easily. The response has been enormous; I knew that buyers and sellers of condos in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky would visit the site, but it's been a bigger hit than I anticipated."


It seems that Bakst's flash of insight to simply adapt to the times and give Cincinnati-area buyers and sellers the information they needed was one which came at just the right time. While one realtor may not be able to bring about a golden age in the Queen City's real estate market, it does appear that Bakst has provided area condo buyers and property investors with just the tools they'd been looking for - and for Sandy Bakst, at least, it's a development which he is certainly pleased with, almost as much as the real estate market in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati metro area have been.


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