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With more than 2,651,140 (Twitter) tweets about this year’s Royal Wedding ( per and more than more than 30 billion (per ) pieces of content (from news to stories, links, comments, blog posts, photos, videos, notes and more) being shared on Facebook each month, it’s no secret that social networking is BIG today! And as happens with many other things today, this social networking activity now has automated tools to help people manage their accounts. But not all tools are equal.


“If you have someone manage your accounts or you take the time to do this yourself, some of these tools can help, yes,” said Diana Barnum, CEO of The Ohio Help Group, an organization with teams of virtual assistants who have added social networking & marketing services to their clients’ task lists. “With no management, though, you risk getting poor results.”


Some tools are set up to help people get more Twitter followers, Facebook friends and fan page “Like” clicks. Other tools help purge unwanted followers, like those who do not follow you back. They also help automate posts to the different platforms, plus help with other tasks.   But not all of this is good. Some of the poor results could include the following:


-          Getting hooked up with spammers – tools can automatically hook you up with people who sign up and over-promote their products or services. This adds up to a lot of junk posts going to YOUR friends, YOUR readers, YOUR clients, etc., which can make others want to stop Liking and following you!


 -          Negative Language and / or Images – With no humans monitoring the activity and people you hook up with, you risk getting people who curse, knock your country, post profile images wearing nothing but their birthday suits, etc. This means not only you, but YOUR friends, YOUR readers, YOUR clients, etc. see this via your account activity. .


 “In a nutshell, people or companies offering to hook you up with hundreds of others are more than likely using automated tools like Twiends and Tweepi,” said Barnum. “The tools themselves may be OK, but you need to monitor the work done with these (or hire this to be done), as you get tons of pornstars and cursing and other inappropriate general-audience and especially business contacts hooked up with you via these. It’s the nature of the automated-beast.”


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To help with social networking set up and management, The Ohio Help Group offers their new Social Networking & Marketing Bundle of services which can easily manage user accounts on the social networking media websites to cut down and help eliminate foul language and images, and irrelevant spammed messages. The services are targeted for both individuals and companies who are networking online today. 


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