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Gigantic List Building &Traffic Generation Event Kick-Off: 

The New Year Giveaway 2009


On the calendars of many top marketers, an awesome annual event is now open, The New Year Giveaway 2009 hosted by Guido Nussbaum, leading list-building and web traffic generation expert on the Internet today. The event’s doors are open for contributors who can submit a gift that will be listed in the New Year Giveaway 2009, so that once the program launches and goes live, participating members can sign up for their gifts by joining the contributors’ lists.


“In another of our popular Gift Giveaways, savvy marketers uploaded their products to the event, and some 20,000 subscribers joined their lists very quickly!” said Guido Nussbaum, owner / operator of The New Year Giveaway 2009 program online at:  for 24/7 access. “Big name marketers are involved, too. We have already had 478 Contributors who joined us in the first 24 hours of our prelaunch... so it will be a huge event, one you won’t want to miss out on.”


In a nutshell, contributing participants sign up for free. They complete a short online form, upload their product documents (their digital product, mini-site link, download page info, etc.) and then sit back as hundreds and thousands of new subscribers join their mailing lists in order to download this product and many others in the program. Giveaways like this add leads that last all year long and long term, reaching out across a wide variety of niches, campaigns and money-making streams. 


Plus there’s more. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are already buzzing the event, now referred to as the “cyber-raceway” track to internet marketing success route, instead of the former “cyber-street” track route.


About The New Year Giveaway Program


The huge list-building New Year event has actually evolved into a promotional spotlight program for many marketers and business owners from all types of niches. The program starts with a Pre-Launch phase where many participants worldwide load their own joint venture (JV) products into the interactive program website. 


Then these contributors along with other participants help the program grow. They spread the word, participating in contests and other online activities to reap rewards: awesome free products, cash prizes, more leads, an increased downline and more.


Among the largest and oldest giveaway events online today, the New Year’s Giveaway is among giveaways that in the past have resulted in over 15,000 signups during one single event. That adds up to an incredible amount of potential new website visitors, search engine optimization (SEO) traffic, clicks and sales for long term growth.


Private Invitation


Marketers and other business people are personally invited by Guido Nussbaum to become contributors, build lists and join in the promotions and rewards of the event. To start or grow your own business, register for free at:  and start getting your fair share of people and search engine traffic, clicks, leads and sign-ups, even ultimately potential sales. Take charge and join fellow successful contributors while there’s still time to sign up, and make your own success.


“A Merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world!” Charles Dickens.