Virtual Assistants FAQs


If you are starting a business and are feeling a little out of the loop on certain aspects, or if you are simply not able to attain your goals due to a lack of team support and guidance, then a virtual assistant (VA) may be the best solution. Virtual assistants are not new to the market place; however, they are often at times underutilized because of a lack of general information available about them. Whether you are new to virtual helpers or if you are just unclear on how they work, the best way to learn more is to understand what virtual assisting is and what it is used for today.

What is a virtual assistant?

A VA is a professional assistant and worker who is an expert in his or her field. This can be anything from technological advances, marketing or any number of other services. Regardless of their work tasks, their job is to assist you in your business.

Do Virtual Assistants work from home?

Virtual helpers often either work from home or they work from a central business location where there is generally a team of assistants working under supervision. In fact, virtual workers may live or operate from other areas of the country; however, this does not affect their output of work or professionalism.

What does a VA do exactly?

These assistants can perform a number of tasks and are not limited to one particular area. For instance, a VA can do almost anything from scheduling appointments, business meetings and travel arrangements, to ghostwriting articles, press releases and reports to working on data entry tasks and placing phone calls. A skilled VA can also work on graphic design for your company logo, and even update and make changes to your company website.

How often are virtual assistants available?

Virtual assistants are available pretty much round the clock. They are there whenever you need them, however, on average these helpers work from 5 to 50 hours per week or more. It all depends on your contract with the VA or team of workers and your mutual understanding of their role within your company.

How do I hire a VA?

These assistants are available through references from business associates, or you can even find VAs online. Regardless of how you find your virtual assistant, be sure to perform background checks before hiring. And even after you have hired a VA, don't give them access to every detail including your bank accounts, credit cards or any fiscal information. Grow your trust over time.

Virtual helpers are extremely helpful if you understand what they are all about, their roles, and how to work with them to the best of their abilities. If you have an understanding of the fundamental basics of virtual assisting, then it may be the perfect option if you are having productivity issues or simply want to start or grow your business.

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