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Affiliate Marketing Explained:

“How to Earn with Affiliate Marketing”


Summary: “Affiliate and article marketing expert reveal the secrets to find profitable niches every single time. Franck Silvestre is involved in multiple niche markets and can quickly find a profitable market in less than 10 minutes. This knowledge allows him to earn several hundreds of dollars for each of his websites. He decided to teach his powerful methods to others, so that anyone can make money even if he is just starting out.”



Gonesse, France – Niche Marketing and affiliate content sites are known to build a steady and long term income within the Internet and affiliate marketing community. Although there are hundreds and hundreds of niches available on the Internet, many new people to the business, AKA newbies, fail to find a list of markets that has desperate buyers.


“Finding a new affiliate niche isn't difficult, but knowing how to do niche market research could be the beginning of a highly successful business on the Internet for many,” said Franck Silvestre, creator of the affiliate marketing website MyNetMarketingLand at .


Although some people tend to have difficulty finding the right niches to get into and good affiliate programs to promote, the process of niche and affiliate marketing is not difficult for everyone. And Franck Silvestre is living proof.


“The best way to start with affiliate marketing is to follow your passion. You will have fun while you are working and even if it takes you some time before you can make a few thousands of dollars every month, you will enjoy your time and this is important,” said Franck Silvestre. “I’m still amazed at how simple it is to find a niche affiliate market. Any beginner will be able to find his niche in a matter of minutes with this knowledge.”


Free 2-Step Training


To help others get started navigating towards the right niche and affiliate marketing projects, Silvestre offers two publications at no charge:


1)     The first is his, "7 Deadly Affiliate Mistakes" ebook – where readers can discover the close-guarded secrets of super affiliates.


2)     The second is his “Affiliate Case Study” on Clickbank – where setup is fast and free, giving affiliates instant access to more than 10,000 products with commissions as high as 75%.


About the Author


Franck Silvestre is a former bodyguard and “average Joe” when it comes to affiliate marketing. After coaching from one of the world’s top niche affiliate marketing mentor, he went on to achieve a top ten Google ranking for a highly competitive keyword phrase, leading to thousands of dollars in sales. Silvestre wrote his niche affiliate marketing ebook to show experienced and budding online entrepreneurs alike that anyone find a niche and start a highly profitable online business.


For more information about the affiliate marketing ebook, his case study and website or for an interview with the author, please visit or contact Franck Silvestre at 0020-18-244-8176.



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