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Moving Ahead with American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) Packs at Press Success


Hilliard, OH -- Businesses of any size can benefit from copywriting, business writing, and graphic design.  Unfortunately many professionals are not comfortable with the writing skills they possess. Taking some well directed courses can be helpful to busy professionals and can help them to improve their skills in these areas. One company, Press Success, is working help business owners become more successful in these areas by offering new American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) packs.


"AWAI provides you with plenty of insider tips and techniques on how you can land clients, sell your services, improve your copywriting skills…as well as ways to expand your opportunities and increase your productivity," said Michael Masterson, head of AWAI.


Consumers are able to purchase these AWAI packs through Press Success. Not only do they get the program, but after notifying the company, the receive certificates that can be used with the company for either popular ebooks or service tools. The amount of the certificate varies, ranging from $26 to $150 on up. A variety of different packs are available for purchase, ranging from help for graphic designers to packs on freelance writing. Here's a look at several of the packs available through Press Success.


Freelance Writing Success in a Box


One of the AWAI packs available is Freelance Writing Success in a Box. This is a great guide for freelance writers that answers some of the most common questions freelancers have when they get involved in the business. Some of the things it covers include contracts, copyright issues, fees, home office equipment, taxes, and more. With all the information provided, freelance writers are able to quickly build a solid business, increase income, keep organized, and expand the business.


Michael Masterson's Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting


Michael Masterson's Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting pack is another that is offered by AWAI. This program teaches people how they can get involved in copywriting in order to make six figures a year. Information that buyers will find in the program include starting a career in copywriting without a lot of money, boosting your sales, tips on writing the way that you talk, and standing out among all the competition.


The Ultimate Travel Writing Program


For those interested in travel writing, the AWAI pack, The Ultimate Travel Writing Program, is available. Information is provided on avoiding common mistakes when getting involved in copywriting, how to make money in travel writing without traveling, and how you can travel without even having to pay as a travel writer. Tricks of the trade are provided, such as finding publications, tips on researching and interviewing, and making a piece publishable.


Of course these are not the only AWAI packs that are offered at Press Success. Various other top quality packs are available as well. The following are several other packs that are available for purchase:


-           Secrets of Writing for the Fundraising Market

-           Secrets of Writing for the Health Market

-           Resume Writing Business Kit

-           Monthly Copywriting Genius

-           Graphic Design Success

-           Writing for Love and Money: How to Be a Successful Romance Writer

-           Secrets of Writing for the Internet


To learn more about the AWAI Packs available, write to Press Success C/O Moving Ahead Communications at: 3288 Darby Glen Blvd., Hilliard, Ohio, 43026. Call them at: (614) 529-9459 or visit their web site at:  to review the latest AWAI packs available.