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Empower Your Daughters by Redefining Beauty


When Linda Nacif gives advice about beauty to her daughters in Jump and The Joy Will Follow, it is not the classical advice you would expect. While she doesn’t deny the importance of external beauty in our society and the pressure put on all of us by the media, Nacif doesn’t give girly advice on how to wear the correct makeup or latest hair-do or dress fashionably; nor is her down to earth advice centered on attracting the admiration and approval of others. In fact, Ms. Nacif shares her own story of how being beautiful was always at the center of her raison d’etre and how the impossible goal to be perfect only resulted in pain and a lack of self worth.


Sometimes the best way to teach our children and leave a positive legacy is by recognizing our own mistakes and being painfully honest and vulnerable with our children. Such is the case in Jump and The Joy Will Follow, when Nacif tells her daughters how beauty was a two edged sword, as it caused admiration from her father and envy from her mother. At the same time she emphasizes how she hopes her own daughters realize that real beauty is not about the size of their breasts or the turn of their noses, but the quality of their feelings and actions.


As is the case, in every one of her letters to her daughters, Linda writes honestly and from first hand experience as she insists everything in life is about choice. It cannot be denied that almost every possible positive quality you can imagine is attributed to a person who is beautiful, nor that appearance is the most public part of ourselves, nor that we are constantly bombarded by the temptation to buy something to make us more attractive. However she tells her daughters to dig deep inside their psyches and souls, and flaunt their other, inner qualities…because our thoughts and behaviors are ultimately, and always our choice.


“ The more I learn about beauty and how it has limited my growth, the less important it becomes,” said Linda Nacif, anti-aging expert. “The more I go inside and see myself-and like what I see-the less I demand to be seen by others. With every decision I make on my own, with every mistake I handle well, I realize my power and attractiveness have actually increased.”


Nacif believes the only way that our children, no mater what their age, will listen to our advice is if they feel respected and understood. Wouldn’t you like your daughters to also be in control of their destinies, “dig deep” and honor their inner qualities so they could learn to love who they are and stand up to the superficial pressures of others? Jump and The Joy Will Follow is a true gift for your daughters (or mothers) on this Mother’s Day because it is the gift of self-esteem and inner beauty. By reading this book you will also come to know how a mother with her unconditional love can change the entire conventional definition of beauty.


Read Jump and The Joy Will Follow with your daughter to build a solid and never ending bond with her. Take inspiration from this book and understand how mothers and daughters can help each other survive in today’s world.


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