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Hewlett, New York 11557 USA




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Entrepreneurs Benefit from New Facebook Page for Copywriting, Small Business & Tax Advice

Small Business Advisor is the new Facebook fan page that’s ready to go and address growing business’ Copywriting, Small Business & Tax Advice needs. There’s absolutely no doubt on the very fact that small business can move ahead faster and better with help from experienced professionals. If small business owners are not finding the right advice on how to scale good profits by organizing their businesses, or if small business owners want to avoid challenges in businesses, then Small Business Advisor is the first priority to getting connected. The professional Small Business Advisor can help new and established small business owners with the following:


        Grow your business smartly and effortlessly

        Organize small businesses to flourish easily in strong as well as a weak economy

        Borrow smartly and obtain a small business loan 

        Avoid many of the challenges that could cost millions to small business owners

        Make better and more informed decisions that generate greater profits

        Capture more opportunities in business

        Discover the best steps, practices and tools to improve your operation and increase bottom line

        Smart, practical marketing techniques that work offline and online

        Excel with greater management tools

        Bring more money to the bottom line


Small Business Advisor business reviews, business plans, copywriting and other services are offered in customized packages to the small business owners so that they can start and grow their businesses, even raising capital and satisfying their investors. A program for every budget. Moreover, their services help in smart business organization, honing in on targeted strategies and missions.


Specialized Copywriting  Services Offered


     Website copy and design

     Social media emails and tweets

     Brochures, flyers and banners

     Sales letters

     Marketing emails

     Press releases and media releases

     Speaker’s One Sheets and executive bios

     Copywriting tune-ups, and Postcards and Invitations

     Catalog Copy and Space Ads

     PowerPoint® Presentations


With The Small Business Advisor, business owners can now get set and go with copywriting, small business & tax advice – all the ingredients they need to pour more money in their pockets. Avoiding procrastination and any kind of head-scratching, leads to making up minds now so time doesn’t fly by, leaving business endeavors behind. Savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners will benefit from the new Facebook page for copywriting, small business & tax advice at:  for more info. Also contact them at: The Small Business Advisor™, C/O Eric Gelb, 11 Franklin Avenue, Hewlett, New York 11557 USA;  call: 516-374-1387 or visit them online at: anytime.