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New Marketing Operator Software Rated Top Choice Among Internet Home Based Businesses


Increase Sales, Lists & Income with this List Building & Sales Management System


One of the top seven trends for 2009 that was reported in “Entrepreneur Magazine,” on their online Hot Trends web page is the Digital niche focus trend, top rated choice among Internet home based business owner / operators. In short, the World Wide Web offers countless opportunities for people to make money across the board in a wide variety of niches from accounting to zoology and everything in between. And among the top new software choices to help home based workers is Marketing Operator, a list building and sales management system, excellent for start up and growth for business of all sizes.    


"I have been beta testing this for the last week and a half and it has increased my sales, my list, my bank account!" shared one of the Beta Testers, David Canham.


Canham had experienced what many others have once they decide to make money online.  He and they often ran into stumble weeds like these:


1)     They need a product or service to sell, either your stuff or someone else’s. So they dig in and learn about affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products and / or dive into product creation. This can mean huge learning curves, trials and errors and lots of time and money wasted.


2)     Then they have to learn how to sell online, setting up website, blogs, leads capture pages AKA squeeze pages, autoresponders, shopping carts and more, and get everything to work together.


3)     Results are often minimal at best, due to tech errors, poor product and / or marketing decisions and lack of help getting everything up and running smoothly.


What successful online home based business people had in common was a solid, proven system with good help. And an affordable solution was preferred for all budgets.


About Marketing Operator


Marketing Operator is a downloadable script with simple step-by-step written and video / audio instructional tutorials. Optionally installation help is available as well as a support desk with prompt communications.


There are many benefits and features of the software. It:


A) Helps with building professional, top quality Squeeze Pages or leads capture forms, one time offer (OTO) Pages, Sales Pages and Upsell Pages in just a few quick clicks.


B) Tracks marketing activities enabling easy split tests and other testing.



C) Handles product delivery with simple Paypal integration for fast & easy shopping cart set up and use.


To learn more about how to make money in the Digital niche and start or grow your internet home based business, check out Marketing Operator at: and join other successful people who tap into this top 2009 trend.