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Moving Ahead with Mix-N-Match Subscription Website Packs at Press Success


Growing with Linkvana, 1Shoppingcart/ProfitAutomation, Article Underground, Yanik Silver, Push Button Publishing & Push Button Health



HILLIARD, OHIO  -  In a joint effort to help business owners succeed in their efforts, Moving Ahead Communications is offering Mix-N-Match subscription website packs through Press Success, a sister company online at  These subscription packs allow customers to sign up for one or more qualifying services and receive valuable assistance using them at no additional cost. 


And clients enjoy services that Moving Ahead offers.


“I was noticing some of the articles are not only showing as backlinks, but some are ranking well,” said T. Miller, Rocky Top Leather. “Your article writers for the articles are doing a good job.”


Creating content and marketing with it online and off are among the more popular services ordered. Clients include brick-and-mortar & Internet businesses of all sizes, from the entrepreneur working at home to Fortune 500 companies, and all sizes in between.


About Press Success and Moving Ahead Communications


Press Success works in conjunction with Moving Ahead Communications to offer a number of support services and products, including business services and tools, a press release and announcement service, books, gifts, and other useful items. 


Moving Ahead is a company working in partnership with The Ohio Help Group to help individuals and companies improve their businesses and make them grow.  The company takes on projects both long and short term, regardless of size.  Located about five minutes away from Columbus, this company also maintains conference and meeting facilities in Dublin and a service center in Worthington.


Subscription Pack Details


These subscription packs allow businesses to choose their preferred services and receive assistance using them - something that's not common in the business world.  Many business assistance agencies charge an additional fee for information not normally included with their services and packages.


A number of services from Moving Ahead Communications qualify for this arrangement.  These include Linkvana, Profit Automation (also called 1Shoppingcart), Article Underground, Public Domain Gold Mine and Underground Seminar (both from Yanik Silver), Push Button Health, and Push Button Publishing.  Customers choosing at least one of these services will receive additional assistance using materials purchased and growing their businesses, without any need to pay more.


Goals Of The Subscription Packs At Press Success


According to Moving Ahead, helping customers to succeed is of benefit to them, as those customers become familiar with the services and products they offer.  As their customers' companies grow, Moving Ahead Communications can continue to provide assistance, and may partner with these companies in the future.


One stated goal from Moving Ahead is working towards membership sites' success to ensure that the highest possible value is being offered over the life of the membership.  Moving Ahead seeks to become a partner in the success of its customers.


Ordering Process


Customers using these subscription packs place an order, then email to confirm that order and set up a free account.  Each month, an amount between ten and twenty-five dollars or more will be logged in the account.  Amounts depend on the program, and come from the affiliate commissions received through monthly payments.  These funds are used to buy products and services whenever the customer desires.


Services received may include the creation of an interactive home page, ghostwritten article or press release with submission service, automation help, and others that can help jump start or grow a business of any size.  As more programs are added, subscribers will be able to choose from these as well.


In summary, Moving Ahead Communications is working with Press Success to offer Mix-N-Match subscription website packs that add to their subscribers’ benefits and allow customization of subscriptions.  This unique option is available at no additional cost, and will allow subscribers to partner with Moving Ahead and make their businesses grow.


To learn more about the subscription packs available, write to Press Success C/O Moving Ahead Communications at: 3288 Darby Glen Blvd., Hilliard, Ohio, 43026. Call them at: (614) 529-9459 or visit their web site at:  to review the latest packs available.