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We live in a dangerous world. In fact, research* shows that there’s a violent attack every minute, and in the USA alone, a woman is sexually attacked every two minutes. As a result, self defense is among the most talked about topics of the day, with potential threats looming nearly any and every place.


When we go out of our homes, the first thing that often crosses our minds is often, “How we can protect ourselves from assault, kidnapping, robbery and many other dangers?” Also, “Self-defense mechanisms should not hurt the person using them or other innocent people in the process, so how do you know what to use?”


Stun guns are an answer to both concerns. They are self-defense tools that are extremely efficient, yet not fatally dangerous. You may have often heard of other similar self protection tools like pepper sprays that rank as high as stun guns on the popularity charts of self defense mechanisms.


Some essential stun gun facts include the following:


  • Stun guns are not a recent invention. They were first made in the 1930’s. The efficiency of stun guns has been tested by military forces who have used them well. Only recently, stun guns have acquired popularity as self defense tools.


  • Stun guns are available in many variants. Regular stun guns, which are large, are crafted for masculine hands.


  • Accessories are also available, like a holster, for carrying the gun.



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*University of Wisconsin Whitewater




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