Top 10 Niche Markets For 2011


By Diana Barnum


Finding the right niche can be a challenge. Before you decide to write a series of blogs or build a website based on a particular product, it's best to know what your niche focus will be. Some niches are obviously going to be more popular than others. Either way, if you choose a popular niche, you're bound to run into tons (literally) of competition. Fortunately, there are enough web users who are likely to find your page, giving you some much needed business.


To help with your business success, predictions for the top 10 niche markets for 2011 are listed below based upon popular research sites' reports.


  1. Self-Development - Self-development is a very intriguing topic for a variety of reasons. People want to know how to make their lives better. They also want to read, listen and hear materials focused on this topic because in order to be inspired and enlightened


  1. Saving Money - Many people around the globe want to know how to save money. Providing helpful tips along with a few useful help guides may be all you need to spice up your page, boost clicks and increase sales.


  1. Relationships - There will always be someone looking for a way to fix their relationship. People make up and break up all the time. Products about getting back together with an ex as well as products that offer advice on making a good relationship even better are the most popular. Helpful tips and advice in article form are also highly useful.


  1. Weight Loss - Weight loss will be increasingly popular this year. There are a lot of new products on the market, and obviously, a lot of people interested in losing weight quickly and easily.


  1. Shopping - Can you offer some helpful tips? How about a list of the best websites for coupons? You may also use this niche to promote clothing, beauty supplies, shoes and more.


  1. Arts and Crafts - People love a creative idea. Use this niche to promote your business and advertise your own arts and crafts.


  1. Life Solutions - Have a quick solution to a common problem? Let the world know about it. Just about everyone keys in what's bothering them into "Google" at some point or another. Look at it as a way of lending a hand while gaining exposure.


  1. Food - Recipes, cookbooks, 30-minute dinner ideas, party dinner ideas, and the like are greatly appreciated by the online community.


  1. Careers/Degrees - As long as there are lay-offs, college grads, and people who simply desire more out of life, a product guide on what career path to take along with information on various jobs will always be in high demand.


  1. Baby - What isn't to like about baby products? If you haven't noticed, the world has went into "baby boom" mode over the last few years. With all these births comes the need for tips on a safe pregnancy, advice on how to decorate baby's room, and what to do when baby gets their first cold, and much, much more. In relation to products, the sky is the limit. There are car seats, strollers, car seat covers, bouncers - you get the idea.


These are, by far, predicted to be the most popular niche markets for 2011. Choose one or choose all ten for your business focus. Either way, you can experience a great deal of success by helping those in need along the way.




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