Top 2010 and 2011 Virtual Assistant Tasks

By Jenny White

Virtual assistants help with business start-up and growth in all types of industries. Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) works very well for the business owner as he (or she) can outsource tasks without having to provide office space and benefits for an on-site employee. Plus some tasks that a VA may do, would otherwise be done by the business owner, thus saving the owner lots of time and money while lightening the workload. Hence an outsourcing solution provides a business owner the ability and resources to focus more on other aspects of the business.

Here are some of the top tasks that VAs have performed in 2010 and some that are predicted to be popular in 2011, listed in no particular order of preference:

1. Content creation: articles, press releases, audio / video files, graphics and other content for personal and for business websites.

2. Press release and articles submissions to directories and other destinations, online and off.

3. Creating blogs and content for them with keyword rich and relevant content.

4. Social Networking set up and marketing: Facebook, Twitter, and other places.

5. Ghostwriting of books, ebooks, autoresponder series, and other materials.

6. Running online auctions

7. Designing, setting up and updating of websites and website administration

8. Creating online classifieds (like at Craigslist) and other advertisements

9. Various clerical and administrative tasks

10. Internet and offline marketing

11. Helping with Web 2.0 and popular third party services per their TOS (terms of service): autoresponders, ecommerce sites, Yahoo Answers, Linkvana, membership sites, Knols, HubPages, Squidoo and other popular places.

12. Mobile marketing

All of these tasks help businesses get the word out about their products and their services. And as there is only so much time and so much money to invest, business owners & operators find it's also a great idea to save time, funds, energy and other resources for the big nuts and bolts issues of business. They find that business operations become more efficient, and business grows faster when tasks are delegated and entrusted to VA professionals who are waiting to provide their services.


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