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Top Tasks for the Ohio Help Group & Moving Ahead Communications

Welcome to our updated list of tasks that are among the most popular ones for our ghostwriters and virtual assistant (VA) teammates here. We offer marketing / public relations, ghostwriting and virtual assistant services, AKA business support services, that often include VA tasks often packaged with all types of content creation and Internet marketing bundled together. In short, we not only make products for you, we help you market them!


OK, our top content creation and VA tasks currently going on include the following (in no particular order) …..drum roll….


1) Creating fresh ghostwritten PLR (private label rights) content including videos, audio files, articles, press releases, article packs, reports, ebooks, blog posts, ezine / newsletter content, autoresponder series and with other projects’ content for clients to use “as is” or however they’d like with all rights included is tops. Plus we package the above, customized monthly per clients’ instructions & even put it to use ASAP via social networking, blogging and submission to directories, and so on. We also help a lot with Support Desk set up, maintenance and handling daily tickets and more.


2) Similar to above: we create tons of fresh ghostwritten articles, videos / audio clips and press releases and market them for clients via article and video directories, press release sites (and some to offline media and publishers) and blog networks, using resource boxes / bylines in articles as allowed, and tagging keywords with specific web pages (anchor text), pinging and other related tasks.


3) Online classifieds ads, also tagged as in #2 as allowed.


4) Blog and Website set up and maintenance with article marketing and / or short blog posts regularly; Squidoo & Hubpage, Knol, Google site building and growth work similarly.


5)  Creating freelance style articles for print media & press releases with distribution services, online and off with follow up, also making print books and digital Media (CD / DVD).


6) Web 2.0 Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more: Writing and submitting blog blurbs and other content, sometimes with anchor text links, tagging and submitting via multiple means including using BuildMyRank (BMR), LinkVana and Article Underground blog networks, adding some to the social networking scene with / OnlyWire, announcing others via Twitter, Facebook and other online networks via social marketing.


7) eBay auctions – converting electronic downloads to physical products (to keep up with the latest trends), revising sales copy for auctions and running Classified ads & auctions for all types of items as eBay Trading Assistant.


8) Yahoo Answers & Craigslist work. With Yahoo Answers, mentioning sites within body of reply or in references per the site’s rules and reg. With Craigslist ads or announcements, placing info that remains long-term and is not ghosted, all done manually with no software help, per the site’s rules and regs.


9) Grant and other funding research and proposal work; tele-sales with list building work, appointment setting and order taking.


10) Print postcards, email marketing and B2B tele-sales follow up. 


11) Revising old marketing materials and converting many to electronic, print and other formats.


12) Public Domain work - making derivative works, packaging products into various formats (print publications, CDs / DVDs, electronic files).


13) All types of misc. ghostwriting and virtual assistant tasks (ask for details about projects in your niche / industry) are done throughout the year here.


14) Hosting live eBay workshops and live, digital and / or virtual writing, marketing and other business courses & workshops, plus project tutoring and consulting goes on all year long, too.


Those are top services for now, brought to you by Moving Ahead Communications &  The Ohio Help Group  24/7, "Helping You Advance with Affordable Help!"


 Stay tuned for the next update….


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