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Here are some other details to note.

1) To point out specific problem areas or note any special items, a brief note left on the kitchen counter or table with payment in check or cash works fine. Or call ahead, no problem.

2) For lengthy descriptions, calls ahead are appreciated to avoid miscommunications and timing delays between daily appointments.

3) Reminder calls are placed the day before (unless you prefer other arrangements).

4) A 2-week notice (or more) of cancellation or changes is appreciated to allow time for replacement scheduling.

5) There are no contracts or anything to sign. After a free estimate where Bill discusses the clean with you and gives you a price, heíll clean for you one time at that agreed price, and you can see if he meets your needs or if you need adjustments or any kind. After that (and even before if youíre worried about room or a certain days) he can add you to his schedule.

6) At this time, an average clean for a family home runs from approximately a $75 to $95 range per clean, plus tax. Call for accurate pricing to fit your budget.

7) Payment is normally check or cash, paid in full at the time of each clean. Other payment arrangements are available upon request & approval ahead of time; including online, fax, phone, in-person or with signed receipt payment via credit cards, payment with Paypal, invoicing.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and for visiting today.

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