The Columbus Filmmakers Consortium





Peter John Ross @ 614-261-6070




CFC Sizzles: Summer Classes, Seminars, Short Film Festival 


Columbus, Ohio          June 26, 2001


Date:   Monday & Wednesday evenings

 Location: The Continent - Carlton Building, 6230 Busch Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229


     The Columbus Filmmakers Consortium is a non-profit group that fosters interest & education in the filmmaking and videography arts. They cultivate an interest in local artists working in film.  Summer classes are being offered in Cinematography, Screenwriting, Screen Acting, & Film/Video Editing. There will also be some seminars on FX Makeup and Puppeteering.

     The Columbus Film Consortium’s first short-film festival, called ``Drop Your Shorts,’’ will be presented at a matinee performance at 2 PM and an evening show at 6 p.m., July 22, at Madlab Theater, 105 North Grant Ave. at the corner of Grant Ave. and Long St. in downtown Columbus. To submit your movie, call Josef Salyer at (614)263-6266.  

      The CFC meets on the 3rd Thursdays of the month at the Continent in the Carlton Building, 6230 Busch Blvd, on the 4th floor.

    For more information on upcoming classes and events, visit the CFC web site at or contact Peter John Ross @ 614-261-6070.  Anyone interested in film & video is welcome to attend!



                                        THE COLUMBUS FILMMAKERS CONSORTIUM