Press Release 3/12/01


Foreign Medical Doctors VS Florida Dept. of Health


International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) sought similar and equal testing for the 2000 Florida Medical Licensing Examination (FMLE). Failure to pass the exam meant the denial of a Florida Medical License. But the Law Offices of Brand and Fernandez, P.A. stepped up to bat in the case of Lopez versus Governor Jeb Bush, the state of Florida’s Department of Health and Department of Medicine.

Under scrutiny was the unconstitutional design and development of the FMLE. David E. Wiles, Ph.D., University of Miami, evaluated the FMLE and found that it violates "Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing" ("National Standards"). All four test phases were deficient:

Unconstitutional standards were also in effect with the Minimum Passing Threshold of approximately 55% needed to pass the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) versus the 70% minimum necessary to pass the FMLE. IMG’s, U.S. citizens and/or U.S. residents who attended medical school abroad and applied for licensure as a physician, thus had an unfair chance to pass.

The FMLE standards were unconstitutional compared to the USMLE standards.

Both exams need to be similar and equal in length, content and minimum passing score.



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